Thursday, August 21, 2008


Here's a story of Togo and Togo Daddy.

It was a rare day that Togo Daddy is left alone with the tyrants. I came back from a looooong day to find an visibly upset Togo Daddy.

Togo Daddy : I'm sorry! I'm so sorry.
Me : Why? Why what happened?
Togo Daddy : Sorry!
Me : Why why why?
Togo Daddy: Sorrrrrry. I cangkuled* Togo's face...
Me : WHATT??!!

At which point the handsome tyrant peeped out, all grey and white with a red slash on his face.

It goes that Togo Daddy was holding the cangkul and the klutzy tyrant ran straight into it. Luckily the klutz had his head turned a bit, otherwise the cut might have been on his eye (gasp!)

Thankfully it was just a small cut, but there's just something freakishly funny about a cangkul cut tale. Togo Daddy was a lot more upset than Togo was over the whole (bloody) incident. Ha-woo!

Here's Togo a few days later, with the cut dried to a scab.

He's allright, still as handsome as ever.

* Cangkul = Hoe

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bantal Busuk

Well, well.
Togo's bantal busuk* is six months and growing!

@2 months

@6 months

* literally, smelly pillow

Monday, August 11, 2008

Shark Attack

WHAT ...

ON ...


IS ...

THAT ?? !!

That is a wonderful poster courtesy of wonderful friends, on my wonderful birthday as a wonderful(!) prank.

Haha. I wonder if my neighbors think we're in trouble with loan sharks. After all, we've had a BMW towed away from our house before, but that's another story.

Happy Birthday Me!
Thanks Ai Lee, Desmond, Eric, Hui Mei, Joan, Kenny, Kian Yang, Kian Wai, May, V Siang, Wee Peng, Yee Leen, Yew Siong & Yong Sein.

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