Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I know there's many cat lovers out there who read this blog thats why I never posted anything before but I'm kind of pissed off now Tagar has so far killed 3 cats She's got a really strong prey drive and her hunting skills are excellent She kills roaches everyday She killed a poor little squirrel once too Anyways we walled in our tiny back area for the dogs to roam around A few neighbours keep cats which are no problem when they pamper them and keep them securely in the house But they have this kindly habit of putting food out for stray cats and cats breed like crazy so we have a stray cat problem and they just keep having kittens and pooping everywhere and cat poop is really so very smelly And they like to walk along the walls and taunt the dogs who can't chase them which is still all right But there's some dumb cats that actually come into the walled area I always thought cats were kinda smart but obviously not the last 3 that was dumb enough to come in got caught Tagar don't actually set out to kill them but she catches them to play and breaks their neck when she swings them around So anyway lately there's two not so little kittens playing in the back and they run off when the dogs come but today their luck ran out Tagar caught one and I was alone and when she catches a cat nothing short of prying it from her mouth will get it out and cats when in danger piss and poop and smell really really bad I think they secrete something else in fear and damn did that cat stink and messed up the place and I had a long day and the baby is not asleep yet and I was trying to get Tagar to drop the cat and then it gets worse!!

The other cat was there too hiding in the shelf and Togo flushed it out and the cat ran INTO the house and Togo and Gamby cornered it in the dining room but Togo is a wuss his hunting skill is almost zero he was barking and barking and barking his head off and my stress level was going up and up and up and Togo and Gamby were barking and trying to catch them a cat toy like Tagar cause she never shares hers and the poor terrified cat was fighting with all claws out and there was blood on the wall on the floor on the Togo nose and the cat couldn't escape was secreting that awful awful fear smell and stinking up the inside of the house I dragged Togo out but then Gamby made a go at the cat and I was afraid for her cause she's so young and don't know what she playing with and I let go of Togo and had to start all over again dragging him out Tagar was out in front in the porch with no car and the lights on playing with her cat in full view of cat people there is a huge chunk of peope here for whom dogs are unclean and the devil and the must caught and put down but cats are cute must feed must multiply and is ok not dogs need license and can keep only a limited number but cats don't need and you can keep 100 no one will complain and sometimes sometimes dogs are hated enough to be poisoned and easily so just throw something over the fence and this happens more often than you think so we're afraid and there is tagar flaunting her catch oh no.

After I got the other two dogs out Tagar was still running around not sharing her cat and the dogs are yelling to be let back in to get the cat and I took a broom and shooed the cat but he was too terrified to move and won't budge and I was getting more and more stressed out because if the dog comes in the cat will surely die but he's not letting me save him and I'm not about to try carry a frightened cat cos it will definetely claw me and I was super pissed off I have three excitable dogs howling a baby needing attention dinner to cook a house stinking of scared-shit cat and a cat too afraid to save himself and then luckily Daddy came back and wrestled the dead cat out of Tagar's mouth and wrapped it up and disposed it but we couldn't find the other cat so I guessed it found its way out but after Daddy left I found the damn cat it was sitting in the dining room sink nestled in curtains thats why we didn't see it I found it by accident when I went to wash my hands I can't let the dogs in yet so I opened the baby pool let them play with water and wash the cat blood and stink off them while I wiped the blood and smelly stuff off and mopped up the house and then Daddy comes home and helps the terrified cat out and cleaned up the dogs and the porch and the back and drama over and oh that brings Tagar cat count to four.

And we ordered pizza for dinner.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


We never noticed that Gamby didn't sit. It was only after her surgery, when we started seeing her sit that we realized she probably never could before. She either stood up or laid down, nothing in between.

We catch ourselves smiling now everytime we see her sit.
Because she CAN.

Sit, Gamby!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Tagar's Instinct

It was a few days before my due date. The doctor had put us on 'anytime now' alert - the hospital bag was packed and ready to go. I was huge, and was waddling around grumpily.

That day I started having more frequent pains. Not close enough to warrant a rush to the hospital, but definitely getting more pronounced and frequent. And then Tagar did something that amazed us (so much so I've told this stories many many times since).

Tagar started tailing me closely around that day, which is not normally a habit of hers. Each time the pain came she snuggled up to me, put her head on my lap and looked at me. And she just kept her head on my lap, moving off only after a long while.

Tagar repeated that the whole day, sticking close by at all times. I restlessly moved around a lot, sitting here, there and everywhere, and anywhere I sat I got a comforting head on my lap.

I knew I was going to pop very, very soon, judging by Tagar's unusual behavior. Sure enough, that night we went to the hospital and the next day we welcomed a little red wrinkled person into our family.

And really, some people wonder why you can love a dog too much. =)

A Tagar
Tales of the furry, scrunchie-eating, lovable tyrant.