Monday, January 28, 2008


Togo Daddy's been down with very bad fever, and I've been busy with work, so Togo was left to amuse himself for most part of the weekend.

Which he did spectacularly, like this.
* Photo taken under my chair.

ps - More update on Operation Husky. Evil.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Bath-time. Gah.

Why??! Why?? You like me looking like a wet rat, Daddy?


This is the story of the blue wira.

Huskies are extremely extremely friendly. Togo is no exception. So far he has greeted each and every visitor with jolly welcome. (Which many is commented that is pretty weird, since dogs are generally kept for security, and the tyrant doesn't even deign to bark at strangers. He's a Husky, so there.)

We live in a neighborhood built way back then when households had one car each. With an average of 3 cars per home now, parking is a problem. With a busy banking and shopping area nearby, parking is a BIG problem. We frequently get I-can't-bother-to-look-and-pay-for-parking people leaving their vehicles on our street while they go run their errands. Gah.

So anyway these couple-hours parkers are mostly just annoying. But lately we've noticed a blue wira parked DAILY on our street. Daily, as in every work day daily. Wah. Can spend money buy car.. but...

The blue wira comes late for work, and leaves late too. Quite an inconvenience, as cars would already start coming back from work and the blue wira is upsetting the neighborhood parking matrix. And he parks between two houses, whereas we're careful to park one car at a side to save space. He parks at different houses on different days, successfully pissing off just about everyone. He even parked right on the road once, creating a congestion. Eeeeee.

One day I caught the guy parking outside my house. I said:

'Hallo, excuse me, please don't park here.'


'Please don't park here.'


Because the orion star is 95 degrees north today, that's why. Sheesh.

'Because you park like that, difficult for us.'

'But your house only got one car what.'

WOW. I would like to say I said some witty comeback, but I was speechless, totally floored by the arrogance. How would you know my house got how many car??? For the record, our house has three cars, thank you. Which we cannot stack on each other, thank you.

I was dumbstruck, but, surprisingly, Togo was not! He let out a low, long mean growl. He was sitting (another surprise, usually he's jumping up at the gate at strangers) beside me and looked pretty evil.

I loooove Togo.

The blue wira fart got into his car and moved it elsewhere.

Anyway the blue wira just moved up further, to park in front of other houses for which parking space is limited. He did that for a couple of days, then one day he parked at the mean house - where the owner is fiercely protective of his space and has been known to key cars, deflate tires and break number plates of cars that have no business parking there. I bumped into mean owner that day and remarked on blue wira, and mean owner said: 'Wait.. I will slowly settle him.'

After which I never saw the blue wira on our street again.

So, please. Drive responsibly, and park responsibly.
And Togo is such a dear.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I am a lean mean tyrant.
Be afraid, be very afraid.

Or you can tap my foot and I'll switch to all cute and cuddly.
I'm cute, so very cute!

*Photos were taken 1 minute apart.
What a two-face tyrant.

Monday, January 21, 2008


A visual post.

Awwww.. isn't that so cute.

I am waaaaay cuter, please. Bah.

Sunday, January 20, 2008


This is Scrat the idiotic and lovable squirrel, from the movie Ice Age.

This is Togo the idiotic and lovable dog, from the movie Chew Age.

ps - More update on Operation Husky.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Other Doggie Blogs III

Here's some more doggie blogs to visit.

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Steve, Kat & Wilbur : Two handsome huskies who share their share their hoomans with a cat (whose name is not Kat, btw). They've recently moved quite some distance, and are now settling down in their new place.

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Rascal : A mischievous little labrusky living in Singapore. He's too cute!

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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Operation Husky

Togo wishes to thank everyone for their well wishes. He's back to his old self, chewing everything. Once he's done with his course of medicine we're taking him back to the vet for a check-up just to make sure.

Mr Chew Everything, back to his old self.

Oh no! Togo has enemies! Some evil toys who are illegally living in Togo's home are plotting some very evil things.

Read about Operation Husky here!

Saturday, January 12, 2008


Togo is not well.
He is not his usual energetic chew-everything self.

His snout is all pink, and Togo keeps clearing his nose of flam. We suspect a fever from his burning ears. A trip to the vet (and a thermometer up his you know where) confirmed the fever. The vet said it might be a sub-clinical infection from a tick - we found one on him after boarding last holidays.

Togo got two jabs and medication. He is proving to be a non-fussy medicine taker - just put it on his food and he gobbles everything up.

Get well soon, Togo.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ty Beanie Husky

I once had a hobby of collecting Ty Beanie Doggies. I have a shelf full of adorable little doggies of all breeds and colors.

Here's one of a blue-eyed husky. Isn't he a cutie?
And his name is Juneau! Togo has a husky friend named Juneau, what a coincidence!

Ty Beanie Babies each come with a poem. Here's the one in Juneau's tag

Hurry, jump on, I'll pull the sled
Or we could play snow-tag instead
Either way we'll have such fun
What can I say? I love to run!

Juneau, looking terrified of the big bad wolf.

Juneau is pissing in is fur in fear.

But I just want to be friends!
Awww, isn't that so sweet.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Make My Day Award

This is so exciting!
Togo got a "You Make My Day Award" from Khyra, the Khute One!

Thank you Khyra! Togo says he's glad he can make someone's day!

Togo would like to pass on the award to these doggies that always make our day
* Amber, The Solid Gold Dancer (and sistahs!)
* Jack & Star, the cyber space Huskies
* Boo, the roaring Casanova
* Codes, the gorgeous Malamute

Thank you Khyra!
You always make my day too. Ha-wooo!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

RIP Gorga

Remember Gorga, Togo's pet gorilla?

Those of you who said Gorga won't last a week, you're wrong.
Those of you who said Gorga won't last a month, you're amazingly right.

Gorga is made of a strong furry fabric all over, except for his nose.
Gorga had a soft leather nose.

Had a nose, mind you.
This is Gorga today.

Gorga has also lost a lot of weight. Someone found great pleasure in pulling out Gorga's stuffing through his poor nose. The someone gladly ate some stuffing too, before I got to save Gorga (or what remains of him).

The someone, feeling jolly proud of himself.

I am so handsome.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Effective Beg

Ha! No wonder Daddy is a Togo pushover.
Always caving in to Togo demands and spoiling him extra.

Just look at the imp! Being all cute and adorable to Daddy! Goodness, if this works I want to go beg Daddy for a pool table right now.

p/s: A fan of Togo is experimenting with MyMiniCity. Click to boost his population. Thank you!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

RIP Shoe Rack

This was a shoe rack.

This was a shoe-rack with double doors.

Hey! Look at that! We caught the culprit red-pawed!

What do you have to say for yourself, Togo?
Just doing some furniture quality testing for you, mommy.

I think he may have meant tasting.

Togo didn't eat up that door, but he did tear it up to small bits so we had to get rid of it. All in one afternoon, too.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Switch Off

We discovered something 'exciting' - you can easily put Togo to sleep by rubbing his ears.

Hahaha. Togo has an instant off button!

Tales of the furry, scrunchie-eating, lovable tyrant.