Sunday, December 30, 2007

RIP Blue Collar

RIP Blue Collar

Cause of death : Togo

Wasn't me. Go away.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Six Months

And just like that, our boy is 6 months old already!
Time sure is zooming by at top speed.

The recent batch of pictures I took somehow always seem to be of Togo in various sleeping position (ok, mostly upside down..). But I've put up many of those, so instead here's a photo of the 2 month old tyrant, in his first few days home with us.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Howlidays

Togo is a bit miffed that I didn't put up any Christmas wishes up for him.
So here's a belated Merry Christmas, and very Happy New Year, from Togo the Tyrant.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Apologies for the silence, we were away for the weekend.

We decided to board the tyrant at a nearby pet shop while we're away. Just a one day stay, but this is the first time we're sending him for boarding.

When we got to the shop, Togo was at first overwhelmed, then terrified by all the other dogs and cats calling out their greetings. Togo Daddy put him into his boarding cage and sadly said his goodbye. Togo looked so scared, and put on such a pleading face not to be left behind. I had to drag Togo Daddy out.

Togo will be all right, I said. Maybe one of them man-dogs will teach him to pee like a boy. I bet he's exchanging gossip with that fine German Shepherd in the next boarding cage.

Togo in his boarding cage.
Happy to be going home.

The next day we came to pick him up. The boarders said Togo was such a friendly, well-behaved(!) dog. Everyone of the staff patted him goodbye! Ho! Now, if only he'll behave at home too.

Togo so happy to see Togo Mommy.
"Get me out!"

Togo is fine post-boarding, he's sleeping away. Must have been too excited to sleep the whole time there.

Oooh, he's fine with me I mean. We made the mistake of me going in to get him out of boarding (and remember, Togo Daddy put him in). Now Togo is majorly sulking at Togo Daddy!

Togo turns his head away when Togo Daddy tries to look him in the eye, and moves away when Togo Daddy attempts to pat and cuddle him. Togo even sags his body and turns into a dead weight when Togo Daddy tries to pick him up.

That's Togo Daddy's hand.
And that's Togo sulking.

The family is very amused by Togo's sulk, but understandably Togo Daddy is not amused! He tried bribing the tyrant with treats but Togo is still sulking. Haha.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Moody Moody

Moody Togo is not eating well. He sniffs his food, eat a mournful mouth or two and goes moping around the house. He then slowly eats the rest of the food throughout the day.

We were worried - the normal Togo is a greedy little fellow who wolfs down his food in one sitting. Otherwise he is fine, normal poop, normal nap time, normal belly-rub-me requests.

A visit to the vet confirms he's fine. Hmm. Maybe that newly opened bag of food already masuk angin*, and all the flavor gone. Come to think of it, the smell is less too. Hmmm....

* direct translation - air enter

Monday, December 17, 2007


Togo gets a 'healthy' treat - a Greenies!

Greenies, the original green smart-treat.
- Cleans teeth, freshens breath.
- Reduces tartar and plaque.

Nice green thing! Like solid grass!


Go away! Let me eat in peace!


Posing in the garden.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Togo's Sunday treat: a frolic in the kiddie pool!

Water! So much water! All for me, mommy?
Notice he's not wet.

After the initial testing of the water, Togo went jumping in and out and round and round joyfully.
Notice he's still not wet yet.

Togo playing with his squeaky bone, flipping it around in the pool.
Bet you noticed he's still not wet yet.

So we grabbed him and dunked him in. Look at the big chicken sitting quietly on my lap.

Which Togo did for about 5 seconds, then he bounded out, and back in again. Then we all had a fun time splashing each other silly. Togo came out best in that, seeing how he could drench us with a full shake of all that soggy fur.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


I got extreme McDonalds craving this afternoon.
I got McDonalds near house.
I take wallet and left for McDonalds.
I say bye bye Togo and leave.
Togo say bye bye, Togo is used to being left home.

I buy newspaper on the way.
I notice it is beginning to drizzle.
I know this the season of very heavy rain.
I know I forgot take umbrella.
I go back home. I take umbrella.

Togo see me come back.
Togo happy. Togo tail wag.
Togo take toy in mouth and wait.
Togo wait at his grill.
Togo wait me come open grill.

I say bye bye Togo again.
I leave.
I walk.
I reach end of road.
I stop.

What is that sound?
I listen.
I listen.
I listen.
I listen for five minutes.

I heart break.
I go back.
I keep umbrella.
I open grill.
I say hello Togo
Togo tail wag say hello mommy.

I no get McDonalds.
I eat maggi.
I no mind.
I hear Togo cry many times before.
I no hear Togo whimper so so sadly before.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Door Mat

Togo the dog in his favorite ambush position - pretending to be the door mat.

He's proudly displaying the his handmouthiwork , the sad chewed door frames. Tyrant!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Belly Rub Ecstasy

Various shots of Togo in belly rub heaven.

Belly rub rub rub. Niceeeee......

Aaaaahhhhhh. Stop... stop....

I.. no.. brain.. think...

Aaaaaaahhhhh.... huuuuuu.......


Monday, December 10, 2007

Star Burst

I came down from work last Friday to be presented with this absolute mess.

That's fine polystyrene bits from the poor star. The star was sitting pretty on top of the shelf, but Togo has grown enough to reach it.

Polystyrene is poisonous. And of course Togo ate some. A quick (panicked) call to the vet told us to monitor him for vomiting or dizziness, but the tyrant seemed fine. He passed interesting white poop the next day, but otherwise Togo is okay.

We've cleared the top of the shelfs of harmful things. Togo has nothing to chew but the shelves themselves now, which is having a go at with gusto.

But Mommy, I was only playing. I didn't know stars burst..

Sunday, December 9, 2007

So, Togo

So, my brother bought a something from eBay. So, I was to go collect the something from the sellers place. So, we bundled Togo into the car and went to collect it.

So, we got there. So, we got the something, and so the seller goes 'Is that a dog in the car?'

So, I said yes, and so seller took a closer look and so went 'ooh' and 'aah'. So, seller wants to take pic, and so goes back into house to take his camera.

So seller comes out, so seller family comes out too. So seller family goes 'ooooh' and 'aaaah' and so seller takes Togo pics.

Togo, so charms the pants off everybody, but so tyrant at home.

Friday, December 7, 2007

At 2, 3 and 5 months

Click on photo to view larger image.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Monday, December 3, 2007

Barking at Something Fishy

Bark bark bark bark.
Togo, barking his head off at something.

Bark bark bark bark.
Very odd, for a dog that hardly barks. What is the heck is he barking at? Something in that green tank?

Bark bark bark bark.
Hahahaha. He's barking at Paula and Fred, the oscars. And they are so totally ignoring him!

Paula and Fred and the tank has been there for ages. We have previously even lifted Togo to have him take a good look at them but he never bothered. So why the sudden interest?

Cos Paula and Fred has been fighting (no they're not kissing!) and all that vigorous water splashes annoyed Togo. He likes his house exactly as he wants it, see. So he was barking them orders to behave.


p/s the tank is half filled and green due to medication. the oscars both sport interesting wounds from their fighting spree.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


This morning my worst nightmare came true.

Togo has never been outside our compound unleashed, and we have always dreaded to think what might happen if he did manage to run out when the gate is opened.

This morning, as our nephews let themselves out, Togo squeezed past their legs and ran out.

My heart stopped, but my brain kicked in hard. Think! Togo will not come in when called, especially not when he's outside with the thousand and one smells to explore. Togo can outrun all of us, and it's no use trying to chase him - Togo will panic and if he runs down to the nearby main road he's as good as gone with all that morning traffic.

I rushed to grab a bag of treats, but when I went out I couldn't see him. Then a car drove slowly by and there he is... running along the front wheel... and there he is.. not there anymore... then the car braked suddenly... and Togo shot out at the other side. THANK GOD that car stopped. God bless you, driver.

Togo went sniffing round and round the neighbors cars, while I tried to lure him to within a catching distance. I almost succeeded once, but a hasty grab resulted in him bolting out of my grasp and sending me sprawling, scraping my knee. Togo is so much stronger than me, I really got to win this with brains.

He sniffed his way into an angle, and we trapped him by slowly advancing on him from both sides. With nowhere to go and a bag of treats in his face, Togo calmed down enough to 'Sit' for his treat. Which gave me the enough time to catch him in a proper hold, and carry the wriggling furball home.

As with all defining moments, you don't really feel emotions until after the fact. Once safely inside our compound, clutching our beloved tyrant, the horror came in waves. That image of Togo running at the car's wheel is stuck on replay. The what-ifs spawned horrifically - what if Togo was run over, what if Togo broke a leg, what if Togo ran up far and fast, what if Togo ran down into heavy traffic, what if Togo is badly hurt, what if Togo is no more..

I hugged Togo so so hard he squeaked. Thank god he's all right.
Tales of the furry, scrunchie-eating, lovable tyrant.