Monday, January 30, 2012

Scaredy Dogs

Chinese New Year celebrations involves lots of fireworks and noise.

When the fireworks go bang bang bang at night, we get three very 'chicken' tyrants shivering in their furs. We usually stay home, to keep the tyrants company while they shake and quake and tail us around, keeping close to our ankles.

Gamby hiding in her corner.

Tagar trying to climb onto Daddy's lap. 
The picture is blurry cause she's so agitated she can't keep still.

Togo hiding his head under the crib.

Gamby, hiding in the corner of our room.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


While Daddy was away the tyrants decided to do a little re-decorating in the garden.
Nothing fancy, just a little broken leaf and a tiny tiny tiny dug hole.

Daddy was NOT pleased. But the tyrants had a good reply when we questioned them on their uncivil behavior.

Tyrants : "But Mommmmmy... you can hardly judge us. We know your friends and you did some naughty redecorating too!"

Errmm. They're right.

Last week we celebrated our dear friend KY's birthday with dinner at Pavilion.

His super-sporting girlfriend was in with our sneaky plan. They arrived early, and she secretly sent us the location of his parked car. The rest of us then met up as planned, bearing a whole lot of Chinese New Year decorations.

And set to work re-decorating the birthday boy's car, to show him our appreciation of all the various pranks he has pulled on us his long-suffering friends throughout the years.

We got a lot of looks from passing cars. I bet they wished they had someone decorate their cars too.

The tyrants think we did a pretty good job with the car. So festive!

And Togo, Tagar and Gamby would like to wish KY a very Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Face Full of Tagar's Nose

Sleeping on the floor around here gets you very weird views.
Like a face full of Tagar.
Or more accurately, a face full of Tagar's nose.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The Lady and The Tramp

Gamby the Lady.
So regal, sitting in her parlour.

Gamby the Tramp.
So crumpled, sprawled in the gutter.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

STILL Hard At Work

While the rest of us celebrating Friday and the end of the week, Togo is STILL hard at work.

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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Durian Dogs

Our Siberian Huskies are proving to be very Malaysian, with their love of DURIAN.

Durian, the king of fruits.

The tyrants go berserk when we bring home durians. They will be hopping up and down and tail us constantly until they get to eat some.

We usually buy them some fruits of their own. The more common and cheaper ones, no way they're going to be gobbling all out D24's! We once had a seller who was taking his time choosing the best fruits from the pile and we wanted to tell him "It's okay, it's just for the dogs! They'll eat anything!" Of course we didn't tell him that lah.

We eat first, always, so when we're joyfully tucking into our durians we get three impatient tyrants circling the table, urging us to eat faster and get on to feeding them.

Tyrants waiting waiting waiting for their turn.

And finally, it's their turn! We don't give them so much at one time, because durians are very heaty. And also because they sleep in the room with us at night, and a dog burping and farting after durian is NOT FUNNY.
Three dogs burping and farting durian is VERY NOT FUNNY!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Guilty Tyrants

In the evenings the tyrants usually play a mad round of kejar-kejar* in and out and around the house. That day Daddy was working late and had not gotten back home yet. The tyrants were playing kejar-kejar outside with gusto.

I could hear them tearing around the garden and the driveway, their claws click-clacking madly as they scampered after each other. They were snorting and growling as they went leaping back and forth the small garden. I could hear the the pebbles lining our garden edge go flying as the mad tyrants screeched over them.

Then... CRASH.

The tyrants had knocked down a pot and from the sound of it, it had most definitely broke.

I got up to go investigate, but before I could make it to the door Tagar bolted in at top speed. Her head was lowered guiltily but her expression an earnest 'It wasn't me, Mommy. I swear it wasn't me!!'. Togo and Gamby ran in, too. All three tyrants immediately settled down on the floor, playtime forgotten and looking as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

Later on Daddy came home. Usually when he comes home from work the tyrants run to the door waiting to greet him, and jumping on in him turn when he comes in. This time when they heard his car pull into parking they crowded around me, heads downcast. When Daddy unlocked the door and came in, Tagar started shaking in fear. (I laughed. Can't help it.)

Daddy came in with a grim face. I had messaged him about the tyrants' antics, and he'd seen the broken pot and spilled plant outside. But he too couldn't help but laugh at the sight of his three furry kids huddling together in guilt, with the red one quaking visibly in her fur. 

Of course the tyrants got off with not even a mild scolding for breaking the pot.
Being cute does have its advantage!

It wasn't me!!

* play catch

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Back to Work

After a long stretch of howlidays, we're all back to work.

Some of us are finding it easier to transition back to working.
Here's Togo hard at work at his day job.

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