Friday, November 30, 2007


Togo playing at his in 'mini' pool.
We're thinking of getting him a baby pool, seeing he likes splashing so much. Something like the one Amber has, look what fun she and her sisters are having!

And yes, those sad looking plants has been unfortunately Togo-ed.

Thursday, November 29, 2007


Join me for a cigar, mate?

Parodied, here.


Somebody mauled my garden. Wonder who...

Nyam nyam nyam nyam

Grrr bite bite bite

Hey, what's that? A camera?

It wasn't me, mommy. I swear!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Scrunchie Number FOUR

A fourth scrunchie gone.

Pardon me while I go run around tearing my hair.

Yes, the tyrant has been smacked. Repeatedly. Which he sat quietly receiving, with a 2-cent face and cute puppy eyes.

Pardon me while I go run around tearing my hair.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


We recently replaced our standard chain-link fence with a brick wall. Yes, for Togo.

Now Togo has a huge, safe play pen he can't dig under or jump over (hopefully..), and the house got an instant face-lift. And we've got the peace of mind knowing Togo can't escape so easily.

Under construction


What's this? Who built me a prison?

Parodied, here.

Monday, November 26, 2007


Togo at 5 months is a lot calmer and needs less supervision around the house. I let him laze about inside more often now, with considerably less damage to our household.

Pretty soon he might graduate to being a full-time indoor doggie, without needing much supervision. (I hope!)

Calm Togo

Parodied, here.


Togo looking very ... odd.
I cannot think of a caption for this. Anyone?

Parodied, here.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tagged Togo

Ho ho.

Togo has been tagged by King King, so here's Togo telling us 8 random facts about himself:

1) I am a tissue monster. I eat tissues off the table, from the box, from the dustbin and from the road anytime I can, but mommy has put all the tissue out of reach. Boo hoo.

2) I love my mommy and daddy. They are great to chew.

3) I want a playmate. But my mommy and daddy are not taking the hint. *hint. *hint.

4) I am cute.

5) I am very very cute.

6) I think I'm a goat in wolf's clothing. I loooove eating plants, and just like a goat I can eat anything and everything!

7) I am good at catching cockroaches. I don't eat them, I like to play with them but they always get squashed and die. For some reason mommy likes me catching cockroaches.

8) I am scared of baskets. And everybody knows, so they bully me with baskets! Wooo. Duwan friend.


Togo, Parodied!

Togo is so darn cute that someone has put up a parallel parody site!

Here's a pic of Togo being cute from the original post:

And here's the pic, parodied:

More parodies at LOLTogo.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Belly Rub

We humans are but slaves to the 'Give Me a Belly Rub Now' tyrant.

Togo goes belly up especially when it's time for him to go back into his pen. He flips over and looks at you so cutely you just have to give him a belly rub, thereby delaying going into his pen. The rascal.

Photo courtesy of Kianyang.
ps - notice Togo's gigi rompang? Hahahaha.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Raining Teeth

These things clattered out of Togo's mouth yesterday, as he was giving the rawhide bone a good chew.

Baby teeth!

Togo gigi rompang. Hahahaha.

Napping in the Afternoon

Togo, napping in the afternoon .....

... with his tongue out.

Haha, now thats a very not cute picture, Togo!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Morning Conversations

Togo is a very quiet dog. You barely get a squeak out of him the whole day.

Except in the mornings, when Togo greets us with a whole lot of a-roo-roos, a-woo-woos, auuus and what not. I pretend to understand and reply him in woos and roos, but I have no idea what he's storying me about.

Could Togo be telling me what happened in the night time, what the cats did in the garden? Or is he telling me his really nice dream of having a girlfriend (like Juneau!) only to wake up and be disappointed. Or maybe Togo is making small talk about the weather this glorious morning.

But I have strong suspicion Togo is actually giving us a very detailed description of his poop this morning. Smelly boy.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Baby Togo

Look what I found! An adorable picture of baby Togo.
So cute... (sigh, what a tyrant he is now. Haha)

This pose is a bit like those pics of yesteryears, no? Those compulsory photo studio pics of babies in their underwear - every yellowing family album sure got one.

Friday, November 16, 2007


This is a much younger Togo. I was trying to take a photo of him sitting down and the clown decided to make some candid shots.

"Look Ma, if I shake my head real fast I look like the Devil!"

Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Wee Little Secret..

Pssst ...
Here's a secret...

Togo pees like a girl!
And his aiming is so bad, sometimes he soils his front legs. Someone needs to teach Togo to pee like a man.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Togo sitting smartly at the gate, waiting for Togo Daddy to come home from work.

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Local Dog Blogs:

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Pacco de Mongrel - Pacco claims he's not cute, but he certainly has a lot of energy. He's a brilliant jumper, see his jump videos on the left panel.

I've yet to come across any local husky blogs. Know of any? Let me know!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sniff Comparison

Interesting comparison.
Mom Amber sniffing out Togo vs Togo sniffing Gorga the Gorilla

1) Sniff sniff, check for a clean head

2) Sniff sniff, check for a clean bum

3) Sniff sniff, check for a clean bit

Hahahaha. Someone pervy pointed out the pattern.


Togo has a new friend!

Togo the tyrant keeps pawing my soft toys collection, so I gave him one for his own. Togo loooves Gorga the gorilla.

Aren't they so cute together.

'Hands off! He's mine!'

'Sniff. I'm pretending to be Mom Amber, sniffing out the checklist.'

'Oops. Got caught. Gorga's armpits are yummy.'

Gorga has lasted for a whole week without a tear. Amazing. Togo does chew him up, but gently! Togo really likes Gorga.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Adventure with Parents

Togo the dog meet his parents only once after coming to live with us, and that at only a week after parting with them. We were not too sure how well they can get on now, 3 months and a pre-teen Togo later.

We brought Togo 'home' to be boarded while we went 'home' for the festive season. Mom Amber gave Togo a thorough sniff test, and was mostly receptive of the little tyrant. Dad Forest was not too pleased at having another male around, and was quite vocal about it. Mom Amber pawed him a couple of times to make him shut up, and even butted him off when he lunged for Togo.

Notice the body language in this sniffy pictures. All hackles, up!
Togo the tyrant tail and ears are down, for a change.

Dad Forest, very not pleased.
Togo went to lick his face (the idiot. Do not lick a snarling Dad, Togo!)

Two days later, we brought home a very quiet Togo. Not a squeak out of the kid. He looked.. timid. Wow. Togo the tyrant must have had a shock at not being the center of the universe for two whole days. He then spent the whole evening sleeping, dead to the world. I was a tiny bit worried on this drastic change but the next day the mad psycho Togo was back.

His minder reported that Togo was ziggy-zagging about while his parents sat around ignoring him. Togo must have been a pest.

Togo had a few small scars on him, not surprising since he has an extreme lack of manners. Like, trying to steal out of his mother's bowl (and his food was not finished yet..) . Time to teach Togo some basic social skills!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Jumping Togo

Togo surprised us by being quite a jumper.
Here's a (lopsided) video of Togo jumping over the hurdles we set for him. He's just a blur though.

Again, another jump.

And aga.. ah, nevermind. Lazy bugger.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Long time no story!

We were off to Mr. Gila's parents Diwali, and Togo was at his parents for the hols. Introducing Togo's birth parents:

Mom Amber. Togo looks so much like her.

Dad Forest.

Mom Amber is a mean looking bi-eyed.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Blue Squeaky Ball

Togo mommy does not have much to blog because she's a tiny bit pissed at some twatty comment on a previous post.

Instead, here's a pic of Togo and his all-time favourite toy - the blue squeaky ball.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Togo chilling in the garden?

Not really...
He's actually chewing on a piece of root he dug out.

Chew chew chew chew

Gnaw gnaw gnaw gnaw

Nyam nyam nyam nyam

Slurp bite chew

Thursday, November 1, 2007



Now that's a new one.

A passerby blurted that out,
sending my brother into fits of laughter,
causing him to misthrow Togo's ball,
sending it into the empty lot next door,
hitting his keys off the wall on the way,
having him to have to climb the wall to retrieve both.


postscript: I was typing this out, and klaw peeked over my shoulder and went into fits of laughter at 'Musang'. Hahahaha.

Translation : Musang = fox

Curled up

Togo sleeping, curled up around my leg.

He's too big too sleep on my lap now. Not like he ever did, actually. Some con work was needed to cuddle up to him like this.

First, grab a very very sleepy Togo. Less chances of him wriggling away to sleep where-ever else he please. Then, gently stroke his snout until he drifts off into deep sleep.

Keep stroking his snout when he shows signs of waking up, and he'll snooze more.

Zzzzzzzz. So cute. Awwww.

Two minutes later he woke up with a start, looked around wildly, realized he was very un-macholy sleeping on mommy, and took off to sleep under the table. Haha.

p/s There's the thighs, Klaw. The clouds declined an appearance this time.

Comel Togo

Yesterday evening, a gaggle of noisy pre-teen girls were walking past the house when one of them screeched and doubled back, dragging her posse with her.

"Eee, tengok, tengok!! Eeeeee comelnya! Eeeee comel la, macam serigala!"*
They went on cooing for some time as Togo lapped up the attention.
He's gonna get a big inflated head pretty soon.

It still amazes me when Malays** stop to admire Togo. Maybe due the strong memories of that neighbour of yesteryears, with a displeased face, sternly ordering his kids to get away from fence. Get away like, one metre away, when our pup don't even frequent that area.

*Translation: "Eee, come see! Eeeeee, so cute! Eeeee very cute la, like a wolf!"
** All Malays are Muslim. Dogs are bad, dirty, evil animals in Islam (or so I've been led to believe). If a Muslim touches a dog, he has to wash himself with sand or something like that. I darno. Correct me, Anah.
Tales of the furry, scrunchie-eating, lovable tyrant.