Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Boarding Bites

We've been away.
On a longer than usual trip back to my hometown.
We had to send the dogs for 8 days of boarding.

Our regular boarding place had a change of management and was not doing too well. Someone (trustworthy) recommended us another place so we decided to give it a try.

Let's just say we're NEVER EVER going back there again.

Tyrants Daddy was back earlier than the rest of us, and he got the tyrants back from 8 days of boarding. He told me that the dogs had marks on the face but to not worry. I asked for pictures and he said the dogs were sleeping, can't take any good ones.

But he ran out and bought antiseptic spray, and lots of treats and cans of meat. And posted a very angry status on facebook. And it sounded like he spent the weekend sitting around hugging them.


I got back 4 days later and this is what they look like.
These wounds are healing. Makes me so sad to think what their fresh wounds would have been like.

Tagar's face wound. Look at the placement of her wounds - it's obviously a full face bite. From a dog with large jaws.

The boarding caretaker had the cheek to tell us the wounds were because they were fighting with each other!

Gamby, who is as gentle as a lamb, has one bite wound on her snout. Togo has a wound on his leg.
All three tyrants are also noticeably thinner, but they were most probably not eating out of unhappiness rather than neglect.

Oh, poor tyrants. We're so sorry we sent you guys there.

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