Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Other Doggie Blogs I

Do you enjoy reading about Togo? Here's a few other doggie blogs you might want to check out.

Husky Blogs:

The Mullin Clan - Huskies Cosmos & Juneau are sooo cute! Cosmos is a calm, nice husky but Juneau is a sock-eating rascal just like Togo. Tee hee.

Marls in Charge! - Hahahahahahaha. You would be laughing your head off reading this blog, too. Marley is a spunky, naughty naughty husky, and he's just got a new little brother, Ziggy.

Local Dog Blogs:

Amber's Personal Diary - Amber the dancing Golden Retriever is very smart! Watch her perform, or simply lazing about at home with Chloe and Faith the Dalmatian.

Pacco de Mongrel - Pacco claims he's not cute, but he certainly has a lot of energy. He's a brilliant jumper, see his jump videos on the left panel.

I've yet to come across any local husky blogs. Know of any? Let me know!


Marley said...

OOO Thanks for the shout out, Togo!!


sharkgila said...

Welcome, Marley! I looooove your blog >:)


bathmate said...

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