Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Togo has a new friend!

Togo the tyrant keeps pawing my soft toys collection, so I gave him one for his own. Togo loooves Gorga the gorilla.

Aren't they so cute together.

'Hands off! He's mine!'

'Sniff. I'm pretending to be Mom Amber, sniffing out the checklist.'

'Oops. Got caught. Gorga's armpits are yummy.'

Gorga has lasted for a whole week without a tear. Amazing. Togo does chew him up, but gently! Togo really likes Gorga.


Anah Shariff said...

Togo, you're just biding time pretending to play with Gorga, right? What you are actually trying to do is figure out how to eat him aren't you..

Man, that's gonna be one large one to pass out...Think carefully about it before you maul Gorga....


Anonymous said...

Gorga will be called "Headless Gorga" soon ... :D

Anonymous said...

Haiiiya...so not macho la Togo! But those are some nice pictures.And yes,please don't attempt to swallow Gorga whole,you will have a problem passing it out ! HAhahahaha

Urban Smoothie Read said...

ur fren gorga looks juz like me....

like charcoal..

sharkgila said...

Anah, anon: woohoo. I hope he doesn't swallow this one. Togo's very possessive of Gorga - hopefully not because he's fattening him up for later!

May: Haha. Oh no. Cross fingers.

Pacco: Yes, just like you! Black is beautiful. So is wolf-colour he he.

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