Sunday, December 23, 2007


Apologies for the silence, we were away for the weekend.

We decided to board the tyrant at a nearby pet shop while we're away. Just a one day stay, but this is the first time we're sending him for boarding.

When we got to the shop, Togo was at first overwhelmed, then terrified by all the other dogs and cats calling out their greetings. Togo Daddy put him into his boarding cage and sadly said his goodbye. Togo looked so scared, and put on such a pleading face not to be left behind. I had to drag Togo Daddy out.

Togo will be all right, I said. Maybe one of them man-dogs will teach him to pee like a boy. I bet he's exchanging gossip with that fine German Shepherd in the next boarding cage.

Togo in his boarding cage.
Happy to be going home.

The next day we came to pick him up. The boarders said Togo was such a friendly, well-behaved(!) dog. Everyone of the staff patted him goodbye! Ho! Now, if only he'll behave at home too.

Togo so happy to see Togo Mommy.
"Get me out!"

Togo is fine post-boarding, he's sleeping away. Must have been too excited to sleep the whole time there.

Oooh, he's fine with me I mean. We made the mistake of me going in to get him out of boarding (and remember, Togo Daddy put him in). Now Togo is majorly sulking at Togo Daddy!

Togo turns his head away when Togo Daddy tries to look him in the eye, and moves away when Togo Daddy attempts to pat and cuddle him. Togo even sags his body and turns into a dead weight when Togo Daddy tries to pick him up.

That's Togo Daddy's hand.
And that's Togo sulking.

The family is very amused by Togo's sulk, but understandably Togo Daddy is not amused! He tried bribing the tyrant with treats but Togo is still sulking. Haha.


Amber-Mae said...

Togo, it's terrible being boarded at the vet's or a petshop! The last time I was boarded was when I was only 6mths old at the vet's. It was only overnight but I was sooo traumatized by it then when we go back to the vet's for any check ups or vaccinations, I become very terrified & will shiver & my tail will be tucked between my legs. Until today, I don't like going into the consultation room without my hoomans there with me. My hoomans don't like dogs being caged up too becoz it stresses out the dog & the dog will either not eat, fall sick or will loose hair. It's terrible! My hoomans will never want to board us where we have ti be caged up 24/7. That's why my hoomans do home boarding & all dogs that board with us are FREE to roam in & out of the house. They get walkies too & delicious food, yum! Unfortunately, they don't take males...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Unknown said...

the pet shops now really take care of the dogs when you send them for boarding, its far lah~

in my home town however, we have no pet shops, only VETs, and these stinkin VETs couldn't care less about your pet/dog, my doggie definately didn't like it, and it shows, my doggie pee-d for minutes if not hours after gettin him out form boarding, wtf rite? traumatised gau gau. no more boarding for my doggie after that.

seriously Togo sulks? ^_^ lmao
my doggie has the policy of forgive and forget, never angry, ^_^ lols

The Husky in the Window said...

Oh Togo I agree with you. When I had to stay at the vet for 3 days for my surgery I missed everyone too and sulked at mom becasue she's the one that brought me. But I got over it, after all she's the one that really spoils me. Be nice to your dad, you know he loves you.
Husky Hugs, MayaMarie

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Togo will come around. I was so scared when mommy & daddy left me at the kennels for a few days in the summer. They only had me a few months & then they left me behind. I knows I was a good boy! But then they came back & I knew that they wouldn't have left me there. But it was just soooo scary.

pamsong said...

My dog managed to scar herself for life the last time I left her at the vet. She tried slamming her face into the grills in hopes of bringing them down. Ugh. My dog's so not a hotel dog.

Amber said...

Merry Christmas Togo and family! Oh no, sorry to hear you have to go boarding!

Amber :)

Ben & Darling said...

Oh Togo, Im totally understood how u felt. The hooman sent me to the boarding home too for 2 DAYs!!! 2 days not 1 !!! So keep on sulking at your dad, make him guilty & get you more treats!!! Hohoho !!! Happy new year !!

Jack & Moo said...

Glad to hear they finally sprang you, Togo! Merry Christmas!

wooos & a-rooos
Star & Jack

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