Sunday, December 6, 2009

Baby Sit

The doggies have been very very busy baby-sitting. (snort.)

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

ps - haha. someone asked if this was photoshop-ed. it's NOT! Its a horn headband, with battery at the side for the glow. Her ears are at the back there somewhere - Tagar's the only one featured cos she won't move if you put anything on her head. Togo and Gamby scratched them horns off them immediately, so no photos there.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I know there's many cat lovers out there who read this blog thats why I never posted anything before but I'm kind of pissed off now Tagar has so far killed 3 cats She's got a really strong prey drive and her hunting skills are excellent She kills roaches everyday She killed a poor little squirrel once too Anyways we walled in our tiny back area for the dogs to roam around A few neighbours keep cats which are no problem when they pamper them and keep them securely in the house But they have this kindly habit of putting food out for stray cats and cats breed like crazy so we have a stray cat problem and they just keep having kittens and pooping everywhere and cat poop is really so very smelly And they like to walk along the walls and taunt the dogs who can't chase them which is still all right But there's some dumb cats that actually come into the walled area I always thought cats were kinda smart but obviously not the last 3 that was dumb enough to come in got caught Tagar don't actually set out to kill them but she catches them to play and breaks their neck when she swings them around So anyway lately there's two not so little kittens playing in the back and they run off when the dogs come but today their luck ran out Tagar caught one and I was alone and when she catches a cat nothing short of prying it from her mouth will get it out and cats when in danger piss and poop and smell really really bad I think they secrete something else in fear and damn did that cat stink and messed up the place and I had a long day and the baby is not asleep yet and I was trying to get Tagar to drop the cat and then it gets worse!!

The other cat was there too hiding in the shelf and Togo flushed it out and the cat ran INTO the house and Togo and Gamby cornered it in the dining room but Togo is a wuss his hunting skill is almost zero he was barking and barking and barking his head off and my stress level was going up and up and up and Togo and Gamby were barking and trying to catch them a cat toy like Tagar cause she never shares hers and the poor terrified cat was fighting with all claws out and there was blood on the wall on the floor on the Togo nose and the cat couldn't escape was secreting that awful awful fear smell and stinking up the inside of the house I dragged Togo out but then Gamby made a go at the cat and I was afraid for her cause she's so young and don't know what she playing with and I let go of Togo and had to start all over again dragging him out Tagar was out in front in the porch with no car and the lights on playing with her cat in full view of cat people there is a huge chunk of peope here for whom dogs are unclean and the devil and the must caught and put down but cats are cute must feed must multiply and is ok not dogs need license and can keep only a limited number but cats don't need and you can keep 100 no one will complain and sometimes sometimes dogs are hated enough to be poisoned and easily so just throw something over the fence and this happens more often than you think so we're afraid and there is tagar flaunting her catch oh no.

After I got the other two dogs out Tagar was still running around not sharing her cat and the dogs are yelling to be let back in to get the cat and I took a broom and shooed the cat but he was too terrified to move and won't budge and I was getting more and more stressed out because if the dog comes in the cat will surely die but he's not letting me save him and I'm not about to try carry a frightened cat cos it will definetely claw me and I was super pissed off I have three excitable dogs howling a baby needing attention dinner to cook a house stinking of scared-shit cat and a cat too afraid to save himself and then luckily Daddy came back and wrestled the dead cat out of Tagar's mouth and wrapped it up and disposed it but we couldn't find the other cat so I guessed it found its way out but after Daddy left I found the damn cat it was sitting in the dining room sink nestled in curtains thats why we didn't see it I found it by accident when I went to wash my hands I can't let the dogs in yet so I opened the baby pool let them play with water and wash the cat blood and stink off them while I wiped the blood and smelly stuff off and mopped up the house and then Daddy comes home and helps the terrified cat out and cleaned up the dogs and the porch and the back and drama over and oh that brings Tagar cat count to four.

And we ordered pizza for dinner.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


We never noticed that Gamby didn't sit. It was only after her surgery, when we started seeing her sit that we realized she probably never could before. She either stood up or laid down, nothing in between.

We catch ourselves smiling now everytime we see her sit.
Because she CAN.

Sit, Gamby!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Tagar's Instinct

It was a few days before my due date. The doctor had put us on 'anytime now' alert - the hospital bag was packed and ready to go. I was huge, and was waddling around grumpily.

That day I started having more frequent pains. Not close enough to warrant a rush to the hospital, but definitely getting more pronounced and frequent. And then Tagar did something that amazed us (so much so I've told this stories many many times since).

Tagar started tailing me closely around that day, which is not normally a habit of hers. Each time the pain came she snuggled up to me, put her head on my lap and looked at me. And she just kept her head on my lap, moving off only after a long while.

Tagar repeated that the whole day, sticking close by at all times. I restlessly moved around a lot, sitting here, there and everywhere, and anywhere I sat I got a comforting head on my lap.

I knew I was going to pop very, very soon, judging by Tagar's unusual behavior. Sure enough, that night we went to the hospital and the next day we welcomed a little red wrinkled person into our family.

And really, some people wonder why you can love a dog too much. =)

A Tagar

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


We're learning (the hard sleepless way) that a human puppy is 10 times more work than a furry baby! And only half as cute, too.

Baby Togo.
So cute.

Baby Tagar.
So cute.

Baby Gamby.
So cute.

Baby VW.
Not cute, especially not at 3AM.

Monday, September 21, 2009


Togo, Tagar and Gamby would like to say sorry to all our dear readers for the lack of update.

It's not that there's nothing going on to blog about. On the contrary - there's been too much going on! We're now a large family of six!

Tagar eyeing the newest addition.

We will be posting more soon! Stay tuned.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Play Time

Gamby's recovering very well indeed. She's walking lopsided (good news!), because she's beginning to use her surgery leg to walk. Now when the big ones do zoomies across the house, there's a small furball hurtling at top speed behind them, going as fast as her legs will take her.

Here's Gamby and Tagar playing in the garden. It brings us smiles watching this - just a few short weeks ago Gamby was in too much pain to play. And just a couple of months ago Gamby can only sit and play - now she plays as boisterously as the Togo and Tagar. We like.

Headless Huskies!

Bite you

Bite you back

Play time over, time for cuddles

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Who's this lampshade gamboling around the house?

It's Gamby!

She had surgery ten days ago. Two days before that, she started showing signs of pain again. Gamby had noticeable difficulty getting up and settling down, whining in pain at the effort. We also noticed that she painfully lifted her right hind leg up when walking, using only three legs to get around.

We've wanted to bring her to this new vet, recommended by the last vet we took her to for her vaccination jab. The recommended vet has done surgeries for similar conditions before. We've been wanting to take Gamby for a consultation to see what options there are to help her, but couldn't get an appointment earlier as he was on holiday.

Luckily we managed to get an appointment on Saturday, just as Gamby's condition started deteriorating. The vet examined Gamby and said her hips are bad and her back legs are deformed, possibly due to her hip. He needed an x-ray of her hips, so he knocked her out with a couple of jabs and sent her in for an x-ray. We then sat outside in the waiting room for the diagnosis - with a stoned Gamby, tongue lolling to avoid choking, at our feet sleeping at our feet. We got a LOT of pitiful looks from the other patrons because with her tongue out, Gamby did look kind of - erm - deceased.

The vet called us in and explained Gamby's x-ray. Her hips are very bad, her right hip more so. The thigh bone is not sitting in the hip socket correctly, instead its rubbing against the edge of the socket where there are a lot of nerves, hence the pain. He explained the surgery needed, using x-rays of another dog that had it done previously. The hip bone is cut in 3 places, and tied to a support that will help the bone grow into its correct position. This surgery is a 3-hour, major surgery and must be done when the puppy is between 5 - 10 months. Also, it costs quite a bit.

The vet also explained an alternative, to get her out of the pain. Another lesser surgery can be done, where the ball of the thigh bone is removed completely. The ball won't be rubbing against the hip socket anymore, and that's an instant pain reliever. The vet explained that Gamby will learn to use her leg muscles (in place of that bit of bone) to support herself and walk. This surgery is not suitable for heavier dogs though, they might not walk again because of the weight on the leg, but a husky is light and this type of surgery can be done. This surgery does not have a limited time-frame to must-do and the procedure takes about an hour. Also it costs one third of the other surgery.

The vet says we can go for the second option, especially as Gamby is in so much pain. He says that sometimes an x-ray can show hip dysplasia, but the dog does not show signs of pain, so that's ok as long as the dog is not suffering. But Gamby is obviously in much pain. He was holding Gamby's hips and legs while explaining this, and Gamby started to come around. Gamby whined and cried in pain, even through that haze of drug. The vet recommended we do surgery for the right hip first, as this was causing her the pain. After she has adjusted to her lack of ball bone and has built up muscle strength on her right side, we can come back in about 6 months time to do the other hip.

We were very impressed with the vet. We could see that he obviously loves dogs, and so does his staff. We were very happy at how they handled Gamby, soothing her like their own when she was injected for the knockout. We liked that the vet explained everything in detail, and did not push for the more expensive option. Instead he genuinely had the best interest of the dog in the treatment recommended. Also, he greeted all the other patrons like old friends. We decided to send Gamby for surgery, the second option.

The vet was done with surgery for the day (it was 4pm at that time), but he said he would do it that day, since its a short surgery, and Gamby was in pain. He'll also spay her since she'll already be under anesthetic. and at 6 months old its time for her to be spayed. We kissed Gamby good-bye and left her at the surgery.

We came back the next day and picked up this lampshade. We expected her to be fast asleep (Tagar was out for two whole days after she was spayed - that's an untold story yet), but we were pleasantly surprised with a smiling, tail-wagging Gamby. The vet took her out of the kennel and made her walk, which she did with no whine of pain at all. We were truly amazed. Gamby is not using her right hind leg still, but she's not yelping in pain, and that is a huge improvement. We could even touch her lower spine and back legs - something she never allowed us to before.

Oh. And the vet gave us the bone parts they took out of her. Gross.

For the next week the lampshade was gamboling around the house, knocking into doorways and furniture. Gamby was pretty annoyed at not being able to crawl under the bed, her favourite place in the room. At first she slept a lot, but as she gradually got her groove back she became more active, walking around with her lampshade. She was still using only 3 legs, but the vet said that will take time.

Gamby got a lot of attention, much to Tagar's annoyance. I hand feed her since her collar makes it hard to eat, and everytime I do jealous Tagar comes nosing, poking her head through seeking attention. We also pet Gamby a lot for being so strong, and Tagar comes running everytime, demanding her share of pets. Haha. Togo is not too bothered. He was like that when we first got Tagar, so I guess he's grown out of it.

This is the stitches. After about three days it started bleeding. We panicked of course, having so many bandages soaked with blood. We took her to the vet where they rebandaged her properly (you really need a good adhesive to stick to dense fur growing back). The vet says its normal, since the stitches are on a joint. Also its not all blood, its partly fluid from the new cavity.

I can't fit under the bed! Hummph.

Its been the required 10 days since the surgery, and we took Gamby back to have her stitches taken out. Its a testament of how wonderful the vet is - while he's taking out her stitches, Gamby was actually wagging her tail. Wow. Togo and Tagar start shaking in fear as soon as we reach their regular vet. What a difference! Gamby did not stop wagging her tail until we got back to the car.

Gamby is fine now. She's mighty pleased the collar has come off. She beginning to use her leg, to balance and also when she is walking slowly. When she gets excited she forgets and runs about on 3 legs (yes, she runs now). We're very happy that she is happy =)

Friday, June 12, 2009


Just wanted to share this photo of Togo being cute.
He does it without fail, when there's adoring visitors around.

Photo courtesy of Kian Yang.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


How do you play with a puppy with bad hind-legs?

Here Tagar demonstrates how to play with 'I'll scream bloody murder if your press my back legs' Gamby.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Puppy's Story

Thank you guys for the tons and tons of well wishes sent to our little puppy.

Sorry for the lack of update. The few weeks after the last post was very painful, and I just couldn't bring myself to blog about it.

This is what happened :

First we took puppy to our regular vet. He gave us a very grim prognosis, and referred us to a vet in Jalan Ampang to get an x-ray done as he did not have an x-ray machine at his practice. The ride home from this vet visit was very dour.

Next we took puppy to the Jalan Ampang vet for the x-ray. We had to leave her overnight, as she had to be anesthetized for the x-ray and that must be done on an empty stomach, to avoid the puppy throwing up while unconscious and choking on the puke. We were pleased at how both the vet and his assistant handled the pup, carrying her correctly and very very gently - we knew we were leaving her in good hands.

The next day we had our answer - the x-ray confirmed that puppy has hip dysplasia, and quite severe for her age. She also has a loose kneecap on her right hind leg, adding to her walking difficulty. Hip dysplasia is not curable, but it can be helped along. The pain is from her hip condition, and it will be something that will come along on and off. As she grows bigger, the extra weight on her hips might only make the condition worse.

So what do we do? This was the vet's advice - 'I don't advice you to keep her, but I don't advice you to put her down either. It's up to you and the quality of life you can provide for her.'

He told us there is a surgery we can do (if we can afford to) to help her hip, which must be done before puppy is a year old. The surgery might help for a year, or it might help for 9 years, or it might not help at all - no guarantee.

Puppy was not moving much, and eating and drinking badly. She still wails in pain at the slightest move. Togo and Tagar could not understand why puppy will not play like before, and their curios nosing and attempts to play only distressed her more.

We had a choice to make. What do we do about puppy? We did not plan on having more than 2 fur-kids. Especially not at a time when we could afford neither the time nor money (a baby very soon, plus a 20% cut in our household income from the current economic times) to take another puppy, much less a special puppy with special needs throughout her life.

Let's rephrase the question : If we had a special needs baby born, would we snuff his life just because he's an inconvenience? OF COURSE NOT.

Puppy was still very poorly at that time. We gave ourselves two weeks to decide again - if she does not improve and is suffering too much, the kindest thing to do was maybe to let go. I set two personal indications to judge - if puppy's tail wags come back, and if she starts walking about with her tail curled up (they do that when they're happy).

The next two weeks the household adjusted. We stopped puppy's daily painkillers dose. We set her on a routine to get her to walk and use her legs, on the rough surface outside which is better for her condition that the smooth floors inside. I started toilet training her (we never did because she was meant to leave, and then she got too sick to). Puppy started eating and drinking better with a routine. We carried her up and down stairs, as stairs were bad for her. Slowly we got rewarded with more and more tail wags.

Puppy was still yelping in pain, though. She's constantly running away to hide from everyone. After a week or so, we realised she might be yelping more from the fear of pain than actual pain, when we or the big ones touch her. We tried out our theory and it's true - she yelps when she's knows she's going to be touched, a reaction to fear. Getting her to overcome this fear was a slow process that taught us a lot of patience. We had to re-gain her trust that we are not going to hurt her, and slowly she got more confidence to come out of hiding and amble around at her own pace.

We kept and eye on Togo and Tagar, to avoid them harassing her so much. We're amazed at how well they adjusted to puppy's limitations. They stopped calling her to play rough games with them. After learning that puppy will yelp only if they touched her back legs, they learnt to sit down and play-bite with puppy, head and front legs only. They take turns playing with her like this, keeping puppy entertained for hours (and giving us more tail wags). When Togo and Tagar play zoomies, puppy learnt to stay out of the way, and in turn the two big ones learnt not to run into her. These little adjustments are so heart-warming to see.

And this is puppy now, chewing up our floor

We've named her Gamby, for gamboling around so much. She's much better now, and has gained a lot of strength in her back legs. She will walk funny all her life, but she's a happy puppy, and that's all that matters to us.

And yes, we get a lot of tail wags daily, and Gamby does walk around with her tail up now =)

Thursday, April 23, 2009


This video is taken two weeks ago, during happier times.
Notice the happy puppy gamboling around, even if she's a bit funny in her legs.

Three days ago, our active jolly little pup crawled under the car and sat there. And sat there. And sat there. Instead of gamboling around as she usually does, she just sat there unmoving. She hardly ate or drank the entire day.

We carried her in at night for bed and she was very listless. She whimpered a little bit when she was carried. The next morning when T&T Daddy tried to carry her down she yelped out in pain. Touching her back legs made her scream out. T&T Daddy managed to carefully carry her down, but her yelps really got to us.

I was to take her to the vet that afternoon. I tried to lift her and she yelped so badly. She was obviously in a lot of pain. I tried to move her and she was in so much pain she bit me. My palm now has tiny puppy teeth scars on them, but they don't hurt nothing compared to seeing her in so much pain.

Poor puppy is on painkillers now. It lessened her pain but did not take it away completely. She still does not walk beyond a few steps, and sometimes whimpers and yelps when she tries to get to her feet. She's also eating and drinking very poorly.

We're taking her to the vet again tomorrow. I hope this is something that can be cured. We suspect she has a very bad case of hip dysplasia, but we hope hope hope its something minor like a sprain. We do not mind a lame pup that will not walk again, but a little pup in so much pain is heartbreaking. The alternate option, if we cannot help her get better, is to put her down. I don't want to think about that now. =(

Saturday, April 11, 2009


This is our last remaining pup, Other Girl. She was to join her new home two days ago, but the (ex)new owner declined at the eleventh hour. Poor unwanted puppy, we feel so sad for her =(.

We hope we can find a home for her, but its going to be very very hard. Her hind legs are not too good. Our regular vet diagnosed her with splayed legs, and after two rounds of heavy meds she did improve, but her legs are still not what they're supposed to be.

She still walks noticeably funny. We suspect she might have hip dysplasia. Today we took her to another vet for a second opinion, and the vet said we need to x-ray to be sure (which the vet didn't have the machine at that clinic). The vet put Other Girl on a different med and advised us to change the pup's diet from lamb & rice to a chicken based formula. We'll have to see if she improves in a week time, before taking her for an x-ray.

We're trying to find her an adoptive home that will take her with her condition. We don't mind keeping her ourselves, but with two tyrants and a little human puppy due in a few short months, we might barely be able to cope with another growing tyrant. But if we don't find her an adoptive home, she will definitely find a permanent home with us.

Wish us luck.

* Do you have a place in your home and heart for this pup? Is yes let me know. Sorry, I have to personally know you to allow an adoption.

Saturday, April 4, 2009


We frequently catch the tyrants snuggling up lovingly.
So sweet!

In the hall

In the room*

* the missing parquet tiles? yep, the work of diligent tyrants. we need a new floor soon.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


We're happy that all four pups have found new homes.

Pup One, the one-blue-eyed energetic male was the first to leave 3 weeks ago. He joins a household with a Bengal cat. For a week he ran around whining that the cat won't play with him, but now the cat is slowly warming up to him. He's a right bundle of energy and is giving his daddy some good exercise just walking him enough to tire him out.

Pup Two, the pretty female with adorable eyes left about a week plus ago. I was very attached to her, and found her leaving to be a bit painful. But she's happy in her new home, and I'm happy for her. She joins a home with a handsome 9-month old husky, whom they got the pup for as a companion. They reported that pretty puppy is a gem and adjusting well, she's even bullying the older husky! So much so the older husky lets her eat first at mealtimes ha-woo. That's just like Tagar.

Pup Three, the roly-poly male will be going to his new home at the end of the month. He joins a household with a few family dogs (including a Great Dane!) but he will be his new daddy's personal pooch. New daddy intends to bring him around traveling with him, and also let him sleep in his room. Pup Three is going to be one very pampered pooch!

Pup Four, the 'other' female will also be leaving for her new home at the end of the month. She joins a household with two smaller dogs. Her back legs are a splayed - we're giving her medication and she's improving. We hope she will be able to run on good strong legs by the time she leaves for her new home.

Here's some pics of the puppies being puppies!

Puppies will chew all rugs in sight ...

... and pretend they're not chewing your car ...

... and eat anything you leave at their level ....

... including your furniture ...

... and then look so adorable you'll forgive them everything!

Friday, March 13, 2009

How Togo & Tagar Came to Sleep in the Room

Here's a rather long winded story about how the tyrants ended sleeping in the room with us.

When we got married T&T Daddy worked in a town hole 4 hours away. He came back every weekend. I did not enjoy being apart from him, so he got me a Togo for a companion.

Later on he got jealous of Togo's overwhelming love and devotion, so I had to get him a Tagar. Hehe.

Togo sleeps downstairs, in the grilled in area of the porch. Every night when its time to put him out, Togo flips over for a belly rub and gives us such cute eyes, begging to be let to sleep inside. But we never did let him. We kept wee Tagar separated when we first got her, but after she's big enough to stand up to Togo we put both of them out at night.

One weekend, when Tagar was a little 6-month pup, there was suddenly a LOT of roaches crawling in our house. We do get the occasional roach now and then, but this was an invasion! Huge, big, black scary roaches climbing our walls and scurrying out from under here and there. They look big and tough, like street-smart mamak shop roaches. And they fly. Flying roaches are the worst.

We suspect some nearby house or shop had an extermination, so all these big-ass roaches fled, some unfortunately to us. By this time we've discovered that Togo was quite handy at killing roaches. T&T Daddy and Togo went around killing the big buggers, but there were more the next day. They killed those too, but we knew there will still be more.

I'm not a fan of roaches. Hahaha. That would be an under-statement. I would yelp if I saw one, and scream the house down if one of them (god forbid) crawled on me with their many nasty feet. And these were really big ones!

T&T Daddy had to leave to work at that town hole. There was no way I'm going to be sleeping alone with big-ass roaches crawling everywhere. I took Togo and Tagar up to the room with me. I usually sleep with all lights off, but I kept a night light on just to feel safe.

Oh, and if you're laughing at me for being afraid of tiny harmless creatures like roaches - imagine something you're afraid of. Deathly afraid of. Snake, spiders, biawaks, heights, the tax man. Imagine that gripping fear before you read the next part.

About an hour after settling down to sleep, the power supply died. Great. The torchlight is outside the room, but luckily my phone had a torchlight function. Unluckily my phone was low on battery.

Our housing scheme has the power grids in a weird sequence. My immediate neighbours are not on the same power line, but alternating houses down the street are. I could see my neighbours houses still brightly lit, so the first thing to do is to go down and check the fuse box to see if its a power trip or a power failure.

I was so brave! I'm generally not afraid of the dark anyway. I went out and got the torchlight, but its not been used for a long time and the battery's dead. Great. I went downstairs with my phone giving its feeble light. The two tyrants clambered down after me. I got a chair, climbed up, peered in the fuse box. Nope, no trip, so its a power failure. Nothing to do but to wait it out.

I climbed down the chair, and in doing so the swing of my phone light caught .. a .. big .. roach .. sitting on the shoe rack opposite. I had a horizontal view of the damn thing, its huge body raised on its scary legs, amplified by the poor light.

I freaked out big time. Suddenly I remembered all the big roaches crawling around. I'm not afraid of the dark, but I'm terrified of the dark when it has zillions of dark roaches crawling in it.

In my mind, the safest place to be is in the room. There are no roaches there so far. But the way back there is a long walk up the stairs - past who knows how many roaches!

I tried to hurry up to the room. To their credit, the tyrants kept close to me at all times. I was nearing the top of the stairs when I heard, in that awful silence of a house with no power supply, the faint beating of wings.

And then something with many legs landed on my neck.

I ran into the room, screaming like a banshee. Thank goodness the thing with many legs flew off, but now its in the room! My safe haven has a roach in it!

One good thing at least is with all that screaming, I flung the torchlight and it miraculously worked after slamming into the floor. I used the torchlight and looked around till I found the roach that flew on me. It was sitting on a cabinet, its feelers moving about menacingly.

Keeping the light trained on the roach, I called T&T Daddy from my dangerously low on battery phone, sobbing badly. There's nothing he can do though, its too far for him to drive back and rescue me from fear. I called a handful of people I can trust to come save me without laughing, but were either away or not answering.

So I sat there, with the tyrants comfortingly circling me. Togo even jumped on the bed and nuzzled me. T&T Daddy called TNB and they said power should be restored in an hour.

I know the logical thing to do would be to go sit in the car, where at least I'll be safe from roaches and there is light. But to get to the car! I have to walk down the stairs! I have to get the house and car keys! I have to open the grill, which is beside that shoerack with guardian roach!

All this time I had the torchlight trained on the rogue roach in the room, who had remained unmoving. Slowly the circle of light dimmed and grew smaller. The damn battery was failing! Even I could see the humor - its like a really crappy horror movie. And after the calls I made, my phone is out. Great.

I decided to make a run for it. With the tyrants at my heel, we dashed down, dashed for the key, dashed out of the grill and scrambled into the car, all three of us. Togo was excited, he loves car rides. Tagar was perplexed and sleepy, she looked about to drop of to lala-land.

Safe in the car! I switched the headlights on for some comfort, and illuminated on the wall in front of me is two more roaches, happily having a walkabout. Lemah hati.

We waited awhile till the lights took my fear away, then we drove off to pass time until the power came back on. I stopped at 7-Eleven to get a new torchlight with batteries, then drove to my sis-in-law's house (she doesn't live there, so she can't rescue me. luckily I have her spare keys.) to charge my phone to be able to give an update to a worried T&T Daddy.

When we came back we waited awhile in the car and then the power came back on. I waited a bit for the roaches to scurry back into whatever hole they were hiding in, then went in to finally sleep.

I would not have survived that dreadful night without the furry tyrants. Everytime I think of that night I give Togo and Tagar an extra big hug.

After that, Togo and Tagar slept with me every night. When T&T Daddy is home, he used to put them out, but after a while he fell victim to their adorable faces and let them sleep with us all the time.

A long winded story indeed!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Photographing Tagar

I've never managed to take good photos of Tagar. She photographs terribly, but somehow when Daddy's wielding the camera she decides to pose. (Although she still averages about a dozen failed shots for each good one. But still.)

Holding a regal pose

Peeping at Daddy

Making puppy eyes at Daddy

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Let's Play Ball !

The cuties have grown from the little rat-like blobs into pretty little miniature huskies in two short months. One cutie has left the brood to his new home, and we hope the rest will get settled to new homes soon.

Here's Togo & Tagar playing ball with their cuties.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Puppies at 8 weeks

The puppies are almost 8 weeks old now.
They'll be ready to leave for new homes soon.

I tried to not be emotionally attached to the little furries, but I think I've failed miserably. Cos right now I'm feeling very sad that in a few short days I will have to say goodbye to them.

I'm sure I'll look back at this photos one day and cry. =(

Blob 1 : Pretty girl

Blob 2 : Fat boy

Blob 3 : Zorro (he lost his mask as he grew)

Blob 4 : Other girl

Monday, February 2, 2009


The blobs have morphed into four little mini tyrants that are keeping our hands constantly full. Siberian huskies are as a breed very stubborn tyrants, and we can tell you now from experience that they start being stubborn young!

Many has asked if we're keeping the mini tyrants - unfortunately we're not keeping any of them cuties. Council laws allow only 2 dogs per home at our area (4 dogs max for larger houses) so we legally can't. And 6 howling huskies when old-newspaper man passes by will definitely earn us some very annoyed neighbors, so in a country which loves passing laws where you need your neighbors consent to keep dogs we just better not.

Anyways the two big tyrants are enough of a handful - we just can't imagine SIX!

The mini tyrants will be leaving for new homes when they're old enough. So far we have one confirmed home and two more likely homes. And we like to believe we're careful to make sure new owners know in advance what they're in for when they choose a husky for a pet.

Here's a few playful pics of the mini tyrants (and mom!)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Play Pen

We got a new playpen to keep the crawlies in place. We got them some mats too so they don't get all wet and smelly from rolling in their pee.

The pen is 3x3(ft) and the floor mats are 2x1 each. So we have a 1x1 square of non-mat floorspace - which the pups seem to prefer much more than the big big pen area.

We think they like the cool marble floor. Sometimes they squeal their tiny heads off (so much so I wish they made puppy pacifiers), and when we let them out they go promptly to sleep on the marble floor.

We let them out a few times a days to exploring around the house. They're getting very steady on their feet already!

Tagar investigating the pups new house.
Notice the 3 pups jostling for place at the non-mat area.

Here's a close up of the jostling pups


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