Monday, December 29, 2008

Puppies, Puppies

Daddy has just sent me more photos of the cute little blobs.


Friday, December 26, 2008


Oh my.

The fat blob that was little Tagar has exploded... into four little mini blobs!

We suspected that Tagar might be lugging something more than just lard in that big belly of hers, but couldn't quite confirm if she as really pregnant. A trip to the vet just last week didn't confirm it either - Tagar got all frozen up when she saw the vet and he couldn't get a feel of her tummy.

We HAD hoped she was just fat. Tagar is barely done being a puppy herself to be having puppies of her own.

Plus I was going to be away for a week for Christmas, at my hometown a 3-hour flight away. Daddy will be caring for the tyrants single-handedly, in between his usual work schedule. It would be a handful for him if Tagar decides to pop during this time.

Well, she did!

On 5.40am on the day after Christmas, Daddy called me. "I see a pup! I see a pup!" He was waken up by Tagar growling at Togo, who was trying to nose around the newborn. Tagar had crawled under the spare bed in our room and pushed out the tiny one into the world. (Yes, the tyrants sleep in our room. Yes, the tyrants are extremely pampered dogs. Yes, we don't really care if you think we shouldn't. They're our dogs and we'll spoil them if we want too)

For the next few hours Daddy and Togo kept watch as Tagar pushed out three more blobs. She licked them clean as they came, whislt Daddy excitedly, anxiously and stressedly updated me. Poor Daddy had to handle a tired Tagar, four squealing newborns and a whole lot of mess all by himself. Oh, and he had to handle a very confused Togo too.

Tagar is fine and resting now. I hope Daddy is fine and resting too, but from the sound of it he's still prancing around anxiously, making a comforatable place for Tagar and the pups to rest and puppy-proofing our home.

Oh, how I wish I was there! I won't be back for 4 more days yet. What a long wait! I want to go home and cuddle my little Tagar for being so brave.

Daddy sent me a few pics to show me what I was missing.

Shortly after birth

A wet newborn blob

Tired Tagar and her 4 pups

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


How to make a Totagogar Howlidays greeting card:

Ingredients :-
Black paper
Red namecards
Silver ink pen
Black pen
White envelopes
Lots of cute adorable Totagogar photos

Step 1 : Slice black paper to half. Fold in half to make a card.

Step 2 : Draw a silver frame for the card. Or rather, doodle a silver frame for the card.

Step 3 : Write greeting on red card. Stick red card in the bottom left corner of silver frame.

Step 4 : Cut out a cute adorable Totagogar photo

Step 5 : Stick cute adorable Totagogar photo in top right corner. Add greeting inside, put in envelope, and we're done!

Togo and Tagar are excited to join the DWB and SMS Christmas Card Exchange this year. We've been sending out cards in batches. hope you guys get it in time.

And we've gotten lots too! But thats another post *wink.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Yesterday evening I was sitting in outside in our garden typing the last post. I was having a good laugh making fun of Tagar, laughing away as I uploaded her 'frozen' pics.

Just then Daddy came home from work. I showed him the newly added post, and he had a good laugh at Tagar too. Togo came nosing at the screen and (I believe) had a good ha-woo too.

It was quite awhile before we realized that something was missing - Tagar! Usually when Daddy comes home from work he gets a welcoming party of two excited dogs, but only Togo jumped on him so far. Where's Tagar?

We were laughing at her so much, we didn't realize she was missing!

We went around the house calling for her, and still no Tagar. So strange. We called and called and called and still no Tagar.

Then we heard faint scrabbling sound under the car. There's a friend's low slung Mazda in the driveway (Daddy fixes cars at home to earn a little extra - yeah times are bad), and wedged under it was a fat Tagar - stuck fast.

Tagar frequently crawls under our car, mainly to get away from Togo for a bit of peace. She crawls under all the cars Daddy bring home to fix, but this Mazda is much lower that most and Tagar just discovered that the hard way.

When she saw me peering at her she started to whine. I tried but couldn't dislodge her, and didn't want to drag her and risk injury. Tagar started to whine more. Togo crawled down the not-so-low front and nosed her for comfort. Daddy brought out the jack to jack up the car, and Tagar started crying in earnest.

It was very funny situation, and we were trying not to laugh too much, but when Tagar started crying it wiped the grins clean of our faces. Daddy especially is very attached to Tagar (little girls are always daddy's pets). But he couldn't get a good position to jack up the car with the fat Tagar in the way.

Tagar started wailing. Daddy couldn't stand it anymore, he lifted the front end of the car, enough for me to reach out and pull fat Tagar out. She was visibly shaken and sat quietly in our arms as we cuddled and hugged her (and licked her, in Togo's case).

Of course there's no photo. Its mighty mean to go grab a camera while she's stuck there, crying.

But it is a funny story, ya? We were having a good laugh at frozen Tagar, and off she goes and gives us something else to laugh about. Fat Tagar stuck under a car! Ha-woo!

Stop laughing, please. I'm not fat!


We're discovered this jolly trick of freezing Tagar -

put some reindeer horns on her! Tagar goes absolutely still and will not move until we (or Togo) take them horns off her. You can't push her to move, either. She freezes all her muscles, not moving even an ear. Only her eyeballs move around, shooting us evil stares.

Ha-woo. It's such fun to freeze a Tagar.

Togo occasionally rescues Tagar by pulling off the horns, but lately he too found the joy of freezing Tagar and joins us in taunting her.

It's a jolly good trick, but Tagar has got to be the un-jolliest Christmas reindeer we've ever seen.

* No Tagars were harmed for this post.
Not harmed, just frozen =p

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Togo the idiot ate a big fat shoelace. One digestive cycle later, Togo the idiot ran around the garden whining in pain with a big fat shoelace (and poop) dangling from his arse. Mommy had to give a hand and yank it out of Togo the idiot.


Friday, December 5, 2008


Whip out a camera, and Togo immediately struts out his diva poses.
We have this term syok sendiri, which I just can't think of translation that will do it justice. Anyone?

I is handsome

I is engaging

I is mysterious

I is cute

I is too cute

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Togo and Tagar had a flood of visitors recently, and boy did they charm the pants off everyone.

Diva Togo especially. He greeted all visitors (which were mostly strangers to him, but our excellent un-guard dogs welcomed them all) with hugs and tail wags and big smiles, and slobbered them with excited spittle and tons of fur. Then he flipped over and demanded belly rubs from everyone.

And with that adorable face of his, Togo did get his one million and one belly rubs. Diva!

I is cute. Belly rub me.

Tagar was more reserved, her ordinarily sour face getting even sourer as she was hugged and cuddled and generally manhandled. She tailed me around, hiding under my armpit. Except when anyone opens a packet of anything or is munching food. Then Tagar runs off with such speed, and sits looking at the unfortunate person with such pleading eyes that the unfortunate person almost caves in. Almost, cause Mommy is always around to make sure T&T don't eat any nonsense!

I is adorable. Feed me.

Togo & Tagar so charmed their aunts that they immediately blogged about the furries. Check out Aunt Sharini's visit and Aunt Ann's visit. =)

Please come again, everyone!

Friday, November 21, 2008


We're so excited to have made it this year for DWB's Christmas card exchange, having missed it last year. I whipped out my camera hoping to get a half decent shot of holiday-ish tyrants for the cards, and this is about the best I got.

That's Togo's whiskers in the foreground.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Little Tagar is not little anymore. In the two months this blog has been inactive she has grown quite a lot, especially as the pig eats twice as much as Togo.

Here's a few good shots of 9 month old Tagar. She's a beauty but photographs terribly, and these shots were the rare good ones out of the dozens I took.

Mommy I want food.

Mommy I want real food.

Mommy, food?

Mommy I want fooood.

Mommy I want fooooooooooood.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Meanie, meanie

Togo and Tagar are very amused at this comment left anonymously on the previous post:

Better find something good to do such as helping the needy than spending life with dogs

Ha-woo! Do you see the irony? Doesn't this person have something better and good to do, like maybe helping the needy, than spending time reading and commenting on doggie blogs?


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


SELANGOR - A pretty little palm tree was brutally murdered here last Thursday. The 5- year old attractive palm was found with all its crowning glory chewed off. Forensics report that the death is inferred to be very, very slow and painful.

The murdered palm

Police believe they are close to solving the murder. The murder(ers) left a lot of clues behind. The main evidence of smelly fur has led the police to a husky-hunt of the two notorious plant killers, Togo and Tagar. It is believed that Togo pulled down the unfortunate palm, putting its pretty leaves within reach of Tagar the terrible.

Police has released the photofit of the suspects. Both suspects has served time for petty crimes and have their details on file. Anyone with any information and/or has recently sighted them are advised to immediately contact the police.

WANTED : Togo, for accomplice to murder.

WANTED : Tagar, for first-degree murder

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dogs with No Manners

Tagar : Hey Togo, come look!
The neighbour is picking his nose in public!

Togo : Ha-woo-wooo. He is!
Oh my look at the size of that gem he unearthed!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Yes yes yes. I hear you, complainers.

'Why is togothedog never updated'
'oii. bored of seeing headless togo.'
'eh long time no update blog ah'
'update, damn it.'

Togo and Tagar has given mommy a swift bite in the bum* and I'm pleased to announce that Togo the Dog Blog is now revived.

Togo & Tagar, utterly fed up with mommy.

*true story. Tagar bit my bum while I was sitting at my pc, ignoring her. Tyrant!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Here's a story of Togo and Togo Daddy.

It was a rare day that Togo Daddy is left alone with the tyrants. I came back from a looooong day to find an visibly upset Togo Daddy.

Togo Daddy : I'm sorry! I'm so sorry.
Me : Why? Why what happened?
Togo Daddy : Sorry!
Me : Why why why?
Togo Daddy: Sorrrrrry. I cangkuled* Togo's face...
Me : WHATT??!!

At which point the handsome tyrant peeped out, all grey and white with a red slash on his face.

It goes that Togo Daddy was holding the cangkul and the klutzy tyrant ran straight into it. Luckily the klutz had his head turned a bit, otherwise the cut might have been on his eye (gasp!)

Thankfully it was just a small cut, but there's just something freakishly funny about a cangkul cut tale. Togo Daddy was a lot more upset than Togo was over the whole (bloody) incident. Ha-woo!

Here's Togo a few days later, with the cut dried to a scab.

He's allright, still as handsome as ever.

* Cangkul = Hoe

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bantal Busuk

Well, well.
Togo's bantal busuk* is six months and growing!

@2 months

@6 months

* literally, smelly pillow

Monday, August 11, 2008

Shark Attack

WHAT ...

ON ...


IS ...

THAT ?? !!

That is a wonderful poster courtesy of wonderful friends, on my wonderful birthday as a wonderful(!) prank.

Haha. I wonder if my neighbors think we're in trouble with loan sharks. After all, we've had a BMW towed away from our house before, but that's another story.

Happy Birthday Me!
Thanks Ai Lee, Desmond, Eric, Hui Mei, Joan, Kenny, Kian Yang, Kian Wai, May, V Siang, Wee Peng, Yee Leen, Yew Siong & Yong Sein.

Tales of the furry, scrunchie-eating, lovable tyrant.