Sunday, June 29, 2008


Last weekend I went along for shopping trip to Klang*. It was an engagement prep shopping, and as the engagee's picked through gorgeous embroidered sarees and bangles and kurtas, I was drawn to the beautiful little mini clothes in the children section.

If you're thinking 'Oh, no' .. well, oh, yes.

My handsome son, wearing a Kurta.

Another shot of handsome Togo.

My pretty daughter in a mid-rift baring Paavadai.

Tagar couldn't fit in the other sleeve.
I thought her smaller than she really is.

Buying the pretty outfits were a riot. Anyone who've been to Klang for shopping can vouch for how scary it is to have the sales people bearing down on you**. It is even scarier when you don't look like them and don't speak Tamil well. Fortunately I had Ms. Engagee as a partner as we went to look for really cheap clothes for the tyrants. (Me thinks those RM100+ shiny creations should be left for hoomans kids to wear, no?)

So we crept into the least intimidating looking shop with the least pushy sales person and headed upstairs where the children section was. A sales guy followed us up and switched on the lights and aircon for us. Gulp. I want to buy your cheapest items, don't get your hopes up high!

We headed directly to the bargain bin, filled with out-of-season, damaged or faded suits. The conversation went something like this:

Guy: What are you looking for?
Engagee : Umm.. we just looking this rack.
Guy : How old is the girl? (we were looking at girl clothes)
Me : uhhh... one?
Engagee : Ermm.. [giggle] small?
Guy : Come, look at the back aisle, there are pretty suits there.
Engagee : Uhh, never mind. We want this ones.
Me : [giggle]
Guy : For whom? Her daughter? (points to me)
Engagee : Uhh... yes. [giggle]

And so it went. The guy couldn't get it how we averagely dressed girls could want to buy such bad frayed, faded clothes for our kids. When we went to get look for a shirt with an opening big enough for Togo's head, we got into another lively conversation about the age of the child and the size of the shirt. Had he known we were buying for a dog (gasp) he might be just insulted enough*** to throw us out by our ears.

Hahaha. After a lot of giggles and a very preplexed and annoyed sales person - he made a small sale, what a waste of time - we at least did manage to get my 'kids' something.

For non-malaysians
* Klang is an predominantly Indian shopping are, full of colour and amazingly gorgeous clothings.
** Its a bargain-type of shopping, with pushy sales people contantly in your face trying to make a sale. Not for the faint-hearted.
*** Umm, well. Some types of people are insult-sensitive. Like people who crash their daughter's wedding with parang because they don't agree to it.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Birthday Shots

Togo thanks everyone and everypup for the birthday wishes.
Togo wants to share more photos of his birthday with you!

A party? For me?
Oh you shouldn't have.

Mommy can't bake to save her life, so she made these yummy treats instead. Recipe here.

Chomp! Chomp! Ooo these peanut butter treats are sticky.
Hey, its not HER birthday. But I'm nice so I'm sharing.

Yummy treats all gone.
Don't worry, we'll lick up the mess for you mommy.

Yum. Can we have more, mommy?

Prezzies! Flavored bones from Togo Uncle.
Did I mention I'm nice? I shared these with Tagar too.

More prezzies! A rubber chicken!
It doesn't squeak when you press it's belly, it farts!

Look at that furlady that's trying to steal MY prezzie.

Yawn.... party over. Go home, everyone.

Tagar : The party ain't over until it's really over.
Goodbye, party hat. Ha-woo woo woo.

Photos courtesy of crazygambarman

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Togo is ONE!

Togo playing with Mr. Purple Balloon at his birthday party.
After which Mr. Purple Balloon died.

We thought that Togo (who is afraid of thunder, baskets, slamming doors, and a whole lot of other things) would be traumatized after he pops the first balloon with his terrible teeth and claws.

He played around with the merry balloons for quite some time before finally popping one - and we were surprised that he was not the least bit scared. In fact Togo was so pleased with the discovery that the nice colorful things pop that he promptly went popping all the balloons after that!

Oh. And Tagar-the-braver-on was hiding away from the awful colorful things. Poor girl did not like the balloons.

Photo courtesy of crazygambarman
Click photo to view a bigger Togo

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I was taking in the dried clothes from the hanger, when Togo decided it was time to mark the hanger again, and lifted his leg, and let out a glorious arch of yellow shower, that totally missed its mark, and splattered neatly on my foot.


Monday, June 16, 2008


The simplest thing can make you happy - like playing with water.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I found this weird creature recently.

Its a Togo! No, its a Tagar! No, its a ...

its a ...

its a Totagogar!

And yes, they are sound asleep.
Wouldn't be so cutely cuddling each other if awake!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Buy a Dog

I heard this really cute song on Yahoo Launchcast Radio.
The lyrics are so sweet!

Buy A Dog by Luce

I had a dream, it was a good dream
You were there and so was I
We were so happy
I did not want to open up my eyes
And we were driving down a road
It was a long one
There were signs all over saying
The signs said "welcome to your life"
I looked over and you were smiling
You had a great big smile going
You turned to me, you turned and you said
"All your life, all your life, I got your back"

So if you want to try
We'll make it you and I
We'll never be alone
We'll buy a dog and bring him home
He'll jump up on the bed
We'll be the best of friends
I think that we should try
I picture you and I...

I had another dream
I know you think, "how convenient"
But I swear it's the truth
We were there, yeah, I was me and you were you,
We had a good long life on this planet
When we died we went to heaven,
Saw that god was really Elvis!
Anyway, our souls were in the right place
Our souls were in the right place..


And we'll take him on walks with us everyday
(Underneath the summer sun)
He can ride in the back of our car when we go away
With his head outside of the window frame
And his tongue out


It's a miracle that we're even here and alive
Let's buy a dog and bring him home.

Buy a dog, and they'll jump on your bed mattress

Tales of the furry, scrunchie-eating, lovable tyrant.