Monday, March 31, 2008


We'd like to thank everyone for the helping us out with name suggestions for the little redhead.

We couldn't decide on her name over the weekend before fetching her. We couldn't decide on her name after getting her and looking at her and cuddling her. We still couldn't decide after a 4 hour journey back (she's from Penang, this pretty girl). We're still not sure, even after introducing her as Rusti and trying out the name for a day.

Well.. now we've decided.

Re-introducing.. Tagar!

Togo and Tagar. Sounds nicer, eh?
Tagar is a Sabah slang word for rust =)

Tagar has one blue eye and one greenish eye. The greenish eye might be an eye turning brown, in which case she's a bi-eyed baby! Woo.

She's pretty and is one feisty lady. We love that she's curious and brave, not at all intimidated by that big fat bum thing that keeps stepping on her.

Unfortunately when we got Tagar she was crawling with ticks. Togo Daddy took her to the vet yesterday for vaccination and deworming jabs, plus an anti-tick spray. After the deworming jab she passed a LOT of worms, and that made us even sadder. Poor little thing.

Here's to hoping Tagar will be in the pinkest of health soon.

And what about Togo?

Here's Togo, keeping a close eye on Tagar. He has not lifted his eye off her since she joined us, refusing to look at me even. We give him lots off attention to make him feel less threatened, but he is hardly bothering with us!

Togo is on Frontline Spot-On, so we are not worrying he'll catch some ticks from Tagar.

That's all for now. Time to go check on the two tyrants.

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Introducing Rusti!
She's the newest member of our family.

This is Togo and Rusti as how we imagined them. So cute together.

This is Togo and Rusti in reality.

Togo has not stopped annoying Rusti since she came home. Togo is exhibiting just about every jealousy symptom there is.

And this is Rusti eating...

Off Togo bowl.
And when Togo came to claim his bowl,
Rusti growled.
And Togo the ex-tryant backed down
All hail new tyrant, Rusti!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Name Game

Here's a name game:
Suggest a good name for this cute girl here. =)

Who's this? I don't know. Ask Togo.

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Here's a very rare shot of Togo sleeping like a husky should.

He doesn't have his tail covering his face though - not cold enough around here for him to do that.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Last night I decided to be a pig and ordered in pizza.

Half an hour later the pizza guy came, tooting his horn. As usual the tyrant is the first to go leaping and bounding to the gate. Pizza guy looked fascinated and spent some time admiring the tyrant.

'Musang?' he asked.*

Haha. I said no. He kept on looking as he went to get the pizza out of the carrier bag.

'Eh! Lupa bawak pizza! Bawak beg kosong.'**


'Kejap. Dekat je. Kejap datang balik', and he scrambled off.***

Hahahahahaa. Now that's something I never saw happening before!

Two minutes later he was back tooting his horn (yes we live within hollering distance of the pizza place). The tyrant was sitting looking very regal and pizza guy took his time handing over the pizza, openly admiring the tyrant. He took a long time going off too - someone was happily posing and preening under all that attention.

I is handsome. I knows.

Hummph. The tyrant's head must have swelled to the size of his big butt by the time the pizza guy pulled away.

* 'Fox?'

** 'Eh! forgot the pizza! Brought empty bag.'

*** 'Hold on. Will be right back.'

Monday, March 10, 2008

Lessons on Posing

Lesson One : How to pose for the camera

- Chin up
- Tilt head
- Show your teeth
- Smile with your eyes
- Choose a classic pose
- Highlight your best asset (big fluffy butt..)

Lesson Two : How NOT to pose for the camera

- Enough said!

Thursday, March 6, 2008


Malaysians go to poll tomorrow.

As usual , pre-election involves a lot annoying 'Vote me!' nonsense. Flags & banners, (repeated) radio & tv ads, extreme media coverage. Even (repeated) ads on yahoo - annoying!

I would think good deeds and honest progress might be a better vote-me tactic, but apparently flags, flags and more flags can buy your vote.

This morning some election pamphlet was thrown into every house in our area. I have no idea what it was - the tyrant is the first into the garden every morning and ...

... oops.

More election bits at DarnMalaysia.

Monday, March 3, 2008

RIP Water Bowl

This is just one of the many mischiefs Togo's baby sitters had to deal with.

At 1 am in the morning, Togo's Uncle heard him playing with his porcelain water bowl. Shortly afterward he heard the crash of the bowl breaking. Togo's Uncle rushed down, with visions of a hurt Togo and racking his brains to think of a 24-hour vet to find...

... the tyrant fine and dandy, chewing on the the broken bowl.

Haha. Poor Togo's Uncle.

I is innocent!

* Broken bowl photo taken after the fact. Actual rime scene cleaned up to avoid injury.
** We use porcelain bowls. The tyrant chews up plastic ones, and overturns metal ones.

Tyrant Thanks

I was off to beautiful Penang on a work trip for three days last week. With Togo Daddy also not around, we had the option of sending the tyrant in for boarding, or leaving him for long hours alone at home until Togo's Uncle comes home from work.

Togo is used to having people around all the time - having him cooped up for 12 hours plus a day might drive him crazy (plus cost us more damage to the shoe cabinets). But boarding might also drive Togo crazy, judging from the one day we sent him last year. Also, he came back with a tick and stinking to high heavens - we dread to think what 3 days of boarding will amount to.

Togo's Uncle was very kind to offer to get babysit, feed and clean the tyrant. He also offered to come back early from work to keep the tyrant company. His girlfriend stayed with the tyrant on her off day, risking Togo's bullying to keep him company.

I'd love to report that Togo was a cooperative and well-behaved dog during my absence.. but we all know that's impossible. I came back to a cute [trying to look] innocent tyrant...

... and a long list of mischiefs.

This is a thank you post to Togo's patient baby sitters. So sorry for all the trouble the tyrant was.

Tales of the furry, scrunchie-eating, lovable tyrant.