Thursday, September 27, 2007


This is a scrunchie. It is used to tie hair.

I had two. I have had them for a long time. I cannot live without them, because untied hair annoys me, especially in this heat.

And then, Togo ATE one.

The tryant grabbed it of the dresser. And ran. Unfortunately he runs faster than me.

So I cornered him in the room. But instead Togo ran round and round and round the table. With me running round and round and round trying to catch him.

After the 10th round, he become desperate. He realised if I caught up with him, he will lose his treasure. So he did the desperate thing. He swallowed it whole.

And choked. And gagged.

And finally I caught up with him, because he had to stop to choke and gag. But it was too late. The scrunchie has disappeared down his throat.

Arghhh. I was torn between being worried and being angry. But then he seemed ok, so that was that.

At least he did not eat my favourite red velvet scrunchie.

Then, three hours later, Togo ate the OTHER one.

I had my eyes off him for two seconds, and he's gone and grabbed the second one. Was the first scrunchie that tasty?

He smelt out the damn thing from the dark unlighted room. Stole in from the bed, not the dresser where I usually keep it. This time he swallowed it as soon as he got it in his mouth.

Double Arrghhhhhhh.

He choked and gasped again. Then he was ok again.

Then this morning the both 'treasure' showed up in his poo. Whole and complete. Ta-da. His bum would have hurt like hell.

I have pictures, but too gross to be posted, sorry.

Wonder how long before Togo starts swallowing the car, the neighbour's kid, the coconut tree and maybe the house too.


Anonymous said...

haha, i'll be sure to check the color of the scrungie on your hair the next time i see you

Ted Mahsun said...

Well, at least you got them back... Am patiently waiting for Togo to grow big enough to eat your neighbour's kid.

sharkgila said...

I'm NOT putting that thing back on my hair! After the places its been! Eeuww.

Ted: Haha, the kid will come out whole. Just a bit dirty, but unharmed. And next day delivery, too!

Sharma D. Pillai said...

Are you sure you bought a Siberian Husky..??

Looks like it is showing behaviors of a GOAT..!!!!!

sharkgila said...

Haha. He is. Soon he'll start growing horns

Lorraine said...

Naughty but adorable Togo =]

Tales of the furry, scrunchie-eating, lovable tyrant.