Monday, November 12, 2007

Adventure with Parents

Togo the dog meet his parents only once after coming to live with us, and that at only a week after parting with them. We were not too sure how well they can get on now, 3 months and a pre-teen Togo later.

We brought Togo 'home' to be boarded while we went 'home' for the festive season. Mom Amber gave Togo a thorough sniff test, and was mostly receptive of the little tyrant. Dad Forest was not too pleased at having another male around, and was quite vocal about it. Mom Amber pawed him a couple of times to make him shut up, and even butted him off when he lunged for Togo.

Notice the body language in this sniffy pictures. All hackles, up!
Togo the tyrant tail and ears are down, for a change.

Dad Forest, very not pleased.
Togo went to lick his face (the idiot. Do not lick a snarling Dad, Togo!)

Two days later, we brought home a very quiet Togo. Not a squeak out of the kid. He looked.. timid. Wow. Togo the tyrant must have had a shock at not being the center of the universe for two whole days. He then spent the whole evening sleeping, dead to the world. I was a tiny bit worried on this drastic change but the next day the mad psycho Togo was back.

His minder reported that Togo was ziggy-zagging about while his parents sat around ignoring him. Togo must have been a pest.

Togo had a few small scars on him, not surprising since he has an extreme lack of manners. Like, trying to steal out of his mother's bowl (and his food was not finished yet..) . Time to teach Togo some basic social skills!


Anah Shariff said...

Wow, he's pretty suicidal isn't he? Licking the face of an angry dog??

What's Togo's mom doing? Making sure you kept her son clean? Mouth, butt and the other bit. LOL. Its like she had a checklist.

Anonymous said...

First of all,

I love Togo.

Regarding this post, erm..

Dunno how to say this, but dont dogs hav a tendency to..erm..breed amongst themselves.

So, two prime males (blood related or not) = problem?

PS : I've just seen a litter of pups fathered by the brother. My mind is so screwed right now..

sharkgila said...

Anah: Togo has no common sense (yet). Haha. Trust you to notice the checklist. It takes a keen and dirrrrrrty eye eh.

Ngy: Haha, yes, two males sure problem, cos Dad Forest might feel challenged. Anyway Togo is still a baby, somethings not functioning yet, so got no hanky panky la.

Anonymous said...

remember, he only need to be 6 months old to be active. remember....

sharkgila said...

soon... soon..

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Juneau & me gets into pretty big fights. I was here first! When I pick up a toy, he wants it. When I eat sumthing even an ice cube & he gots one, he wants mine. Our mommy yells at me to stand up for myself. Sumtimes it's not worth it & I'm afraid I'll hurt the lil demon.

sharkgila said...

I want a playmate. Hint, hint, Mommy. Look at Cosmos & Juneau, so nice to have someone to annoy and maul now and then!


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