Thursday, November 22, 2007

Belly Rub

We humans are but slaves to the 'Give Me a Belly Rub Now' tyrant.

Togo goes belly up especially when it's time for him to go back into his pen. He flips over and looks at you so cutely you just have to give him a belly rub, thereby delaying going into his pen. The rascal.

Photo courtesy of Kianyang.
ps - notice Togo's gigi rompang? Hahahaha.


Amber-Mae said...

Oh, you look sooo cute in that picture Togo! I love belly rubs too. It feels goooooood...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

-The Mullin Clan's Mommy- said...

Yea Togo, us cute pups know just how to play up to our moms, don't we, yep yep!!

The Daily Echo said...

Thats the way to charm them Togo! Cuteness gets you everywhere.

sharkgila said...

Teehee, I looove belly rubs. On some days I can convince my hoomans to give me more than ten bellyrubs! I'm so cute!


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