Monday, June 2, 2008

Buy a Dog

I heard this really cute song on Yahoo Launchcast Radio.
The lyrics are so sweet!

Buy A Dog by Luce

I had a dream, it was a good dream
You were there and so was I
We were so happy
I did not want to open up my eyes
And we were driving down a road
It was a long one
There were signs all over saying
The signs said "welcome to your life"
I looked over and you were smiling
You had a great big smile going
You turned to me, you turned and you said
"All your life, all your life, I got your back"

So if you want to try
We'll make it you and I
We'll never be alone
We'll buy a dog and bring him home
He'll jump up on the bed
We'll be the best of friends
I think that we should try
I picture you and I...

I had another dream
I know you think, "how convenient"
But I swear it's the truth
We were there, yeah, I was me and you were you,
We had a good long life on this planet
When we died we went to heaven,
Saw that god was really Elvis!
Anyway, our souls were in the right place
Our souls were in the right place..


And we'll take him on walks with us everyday
(Underneath the summer sun)
He can ride in the back of our car when we go away
With his head outside of the window frame
And his tongue out


It's a miracle that we're even here and alive
Let's buy a dog and bring him home.

Buy a dog, and they'll jump on your bed mattress


Sharma D. Pillai said...

Buy a dog and he will pee all over the house...
He will destroy your furnitures..
And make a mess with the tissue paper..


Khady Lynn said...

Buy a dog and you will get more love than you can ever imagine. And lots of fun, and never a dull moment. And lots of entertainment.

BTW, we would love to have you introduce yourself and join our chat on Sibermal Society!! Please join us!


NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...


Your mom MUST do what Holly pawed!!

We are looking furward to sharing a mattress with woo!!!


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