Monday, October 25, 2010


So, you want a husky. You know they're furry.
You know they shed twice a year.
But... do you know what shedding looks like?

Look at them furry beauties, you say. 
How bad can shedding be? 
How much spare fur can they be carrying?

Yes, its THIS MUCH

That's from one session of brushing the 3 tyrants. 
I repeat, ONE brushing session.
Technically that's fur from 2.5 dogs, because Gamby wasn't shedding much and she's not keen to be held and brushed. But Togo and Tagar produced roughly a dog of fur each.

If you're thinking - cool, there's enough fur to make a whole dog - you're wrong.
There's enough fur to make TWO full dogs. That dog is only half a bucket, but I can't make another because the tyrants keep messing up my 'artwork'.

Using all the fur might get you a dog bigger than Togo. 
I say might because I couldn't get all that fur into a dog shape - it keeps looking like a mutant rabbit!


Klaw said...

Oh my gosh, I never knew!

Sharini said...

d dog fur pic is soooo cute!!
never knew that much fur comes out though...making a fur coat this year?

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

FUR some reason, I am smiling!

I love your FLOOF art!

Woo need to see this one too - Mango RH sent it to us ovFUR the weekend and it SO fits your post


nref said...

Wow! shed so much one meh :| haha.. can sell ppl to make fur coat.. environmental frenly lagi :D

Guardian Angel Ziggy said...

Oh my DOG!

That is a ton of fur Togo! I love the fur dog/rabbit though. Wow... I bet you guys feel a lot better now!

Happy Trails,
Angel Ziggy

Khady Lynn said...

Now, imagine that times 6 dogs at our house!!!

We are very impressed with the artwork though! Pawsome!

Holly and Khady

Tales of the furry, scrunchie-eating, lovable tyrant.