Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The tyrants were not AT ALL pleased to find out that the car ride they so joyfully hopped into the car for ended up in the boarding kennel.

Don't leave us here!!

Togo was upset, but I think Tagar is secretly pleased. I bet she loves going there. The kennel also breeds and trains German Shepherds, and it's always full of hunky muscular 'guys'. Here she is, eyeballing the hunk in the next cell.

We've sent them to this kennel many times before. On this last visit, the caretaker had many complaints about Gamby. Little lopsided Gamby is the naughtiest of the lot! She's the one howling the most, barking the loudest, running about the maddest, and... she bit through the fence surrounding the running compound, stuck her head out of the hole she made and barked her head off at the shepherds looking on from their kennels. 

We're ashamed of her behavior, but she's not in the least bothered.



Amber-Mae said...

Hey guys! Remember me? I'm so sorry you got to sent to the boarding kennel. I hope you had a pleasant stay though.

NAK and The Residents of The Khottage said...

It's always nice when they remember woo so dearly!


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