Thursday, December 13, 2007


I got extreme McDonalds craving this afternoon.
I got McDonalds near house.
I take wallet and left for McDonalds.
I say bye bye Togo and leave.
Togo say bye bye, Togo is used to being left home.

I buy newspaper on the way.
I notice it is beginning to drizzle.
I know this the season of very heavy rain.
I know I forgot take umbrella.
I go back home. I take umbrella.

Togo see me come back.
Togo happy. Togo tail wag.
Togo take toy in mouth and wait.
Togo wait at his grill.
Togo wait me come open grill.

I say bye bye Togo again.
I leave.
I walk.
I reach end of road.
I stop.

What is that sound?
I listen.
I listen.
I listen.
I listen for five minutes.

I heart break.
I go back.
I keep umbrella.
I open grill.
I say hello Togo
Togo tail wag say hello mommy.

I no get McDonalds.
I eat maggi.
I no mind.
I hear Togo cry many times before.
I no hear Togo whimper so so sadly before.


Anonymous said...

haha, who's the owner and who's the pet sometimes I wonder. :D

Amber-Mae said...

Awww, he's just having separation anxiety. Poor Togo...I hope he will overcome this problem soon. It's important that he knows that you WILL come back for him later. Right now he's thinking, you're gonna abandon him & might come back ever again.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Ben & Darling said...

Good job Togo!! for making mom home!! haha...poor mommy, no McD for the day....

Anonymous said...

Next time plan for McD's 30 minutes ahead :)
Since delivery is now 24 hours with no minimum order

Anonymous said...

Lol ;p I know exactly what you mean... I do it to Mommy and Daddy all the time too ;p

Thanks for dropping by Togo! *Licks*

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