Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Breakfast. Gone.

Togo the naughty dog stole breakfast from the table this morning.

He tried and tried to grab the peanut buttered bread from the kitchen counter while I was preparing it, despite constantly being pushed away and smacked.

I placed the dish further in, out of his reach (I thought), turned my back for one second and whoosh... Togo made a mighty lunge and bit a chunk off the peanut buttered bread.

Hoho. There goes Mr.Gila's breakfast.

Since nobody is going to eat the bread Togo's bitten, we gave it to him. Togo happily chomped it down. I put the rest of the breakfast on the dining table for me to eat later.

Togo the greedy dog then tried and tried and tried to grab the peanut buttered bread from the dining table. I moved it further out of his reach (I thought), but after ten minutes of determined trying he got his teeth into a pair of the peanut buttered bread.

Hish. There goes my breakfast.

Not wanting to risk me taking away his 'prize', Togo gobbled the two slices of bread whole. What a pig.

I threw him out after that. He's been whining ever since. But that's what you get for eating my breakfast, bad dog.

Oh, did I mention all this happened right after Togo has gulped down his own heavy breakfast?


Anonymous said...

astaga si togo @_@ , klu di sini mmg kana tandang suda oleh si dady wakakaka

:-) said...

... lol ... :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe he/she's just too hungry!

sharkgila said...

He's alway hungry haha. We think he's a goat in a dog's body.

Lorraine said...

Perhaps should rename to TogoTheGoat @_@

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