Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tissue Togo

Yesterday we came back to find quite a scene.

Naughty Togo managed to get hold of a roll of tissue, and had a wonderful time with it. This might just be half of the lot, I suspect there's a whole wad of tissue in his tummy now.

And does Togo have to say about the absolute mess?

"Teehee! That was fun!"


Michael K. Willis said...

A job well done is always worth a heartfelt smile :-)

Jack & Moo said...

Love your big owlfie grin, Togo! And that is indeed a fine display of tissue dispersal technique.
Woooos & a-Rooos,
Star & Jack "tissue shredder" a-Roo

sharkgila said...

Thank you, thank you, Star & Jack.
Tissues are yummy.
*licks lips*

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