Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Rope Toy

Togo the extremely spoiled puppy got a new toy.

Rope Toy (Large), RM 8.65, from Pet Lovers Centre, Ikano.

Just a bunch of twisted rags, you say? True. But considering so many of our rugs are torn and half eaten, I'd rather Togo have something he's allowed to chew and destroy.

Mmmm.. Togo like new toy.

Good for tug games. I like it because it keeps him from biting ME. Haha.

Pull, Togo, pull! So fun!


Anonymous said...

i read in some places that tug of war might not be the best thing. of cuz, there are dissenting views on this, but good to read up.

some links:


sharkgila said...

Thanks for the pointers.
Togo is a bit too friendly, would be good to make a teeny bit aggressive to strangers. Especially will all those dog nappers around.

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